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Saints Row IV Guide & Walkthrough

[Continued] Page 2

Main Missions


Purple Ops

-- Zero Saints Thirty
So after some big time Saint Style ass-whoopin!, we start off the game...
Saintjective - Follow Asha
As you move forward, you come to a terrorist and an "execute terrorist" prompt-

Get close to him behind the box and hit F to off him. Move ahead and you'll come across more terrorists. After you kill the first few, you need to get to the comm room.
Saintjective - Go to the Comm Room
The next area has a lot of enemies but even more are the explosive barrels around here - so stop aiming at the enemies and blast some tin for a change. Keep going ahead following the marker and after a huge blast, you'll be on your way to the comm room again.
Keep going and when you come into a large area with walkways on top, you'll come across some idiot with a bazooka - bad combination so take him out -
Follow the markers which lead to an "Approved Terrorists Only" door which you need to breach. The game goes in slo-mo after the breach so take out all the enemies with head shots.
Run ahead quickly and you'll come to the head of the snake - you'll be prompted so do what comes up on the screen.
Saintjective - Get to the missile silo
Run ahead and you'll jump onto the missile with some rocking music on. Hold W to keep moving up on the rocket and you'll be constantly prompted. You need to get to panels on the exterior of the missile and sabotage it by ripping out the wires from several panels - all of this while dodging the debris coming down at you and then Kaboom...
Unlocked -
The Adoration of America
Presidency of the United States
Benjamin Mother@#$%ing King
Keith David

Note: Customize your character according to your wish (I know some of your are looking around for a nude patch)

Hail to the Chief

-- The Saints Wing
5 Years Later...
(fed an apple to a Tiger ssssss....)
Saintjective - Go to the Press Conference
Your first major decision as the president of the United States comes upon you as you move ahead -
F*&^ Cancer  or
Let Them eat Cake
It is admittedly a difficult choice to make. And yet difficult decisions keep coming - party with Nightblayde and Oleg or give them the hand...
So you are getting to see your whole gang on the way..
Then come the invaders from above - The Zin..
Saintjective - Go to the Oval Office
Head to the Oval Office and keep shooting some alien ass on your way. They are no so different physically from us - head shots work great, ball busters are nice too!!
After you come to the oval office, you get to pick your hand knives - go around to each type of guns and take one of each.
Saintjective - Go to the Portico
With your new arsenal, run ahead while kicking some alien scum and get to the Protico and sit on the AA guns -
So, shoot down the ships coming at you and in a bit you'll see them arrange themselves as in a game from the 90s - wow!!!

Shoot down the battleship and you'll come to the alien-head himself. Use the QTE buttons shown on the screen and see where you end up.

Leave it to the Saints

-- A Pleasant Day
Get down to the Kitchen and eat your breakfast. Go out to the front of the house and pick up the news paper. Then a cop comes in to take you to your voters so get in the car with him and drive to the marked location - wow the controls are really weird!
Move ahead to the front of the diner greeting people and you'll know what's wrong around here.
Saintjective - Escape
Go to the park (whew! at least the controls are normal again!) So take your gun out and kill as many cops as you possibly can. Then pick up the rocket launcher from Genki's Cat fountain which comes up in the center of the park. 
With the launcher, it's Mayhem time!!!
Shoot at the cars and cops and people around you - they really are not real! not even in the game so wipe your conscience with them! When the sheriff comes in, take him out and you get to meet Zin.


Learn the Rules...

-- The Fundamentals
So this is all about learning how to move around in the virtual world - inside the virtual world. You'll see how to access the menu and mark a location with a GPS and also some basics on how to buy guns and the like. Once you are in friendly fire - grab a gun and fill it with ammo. Go out and head to the flashpoint.
The Flashpoint
Flashpoints are strongholds of the aliens in the world - by liberating them of the aliens, you will gain control over the territory surrounding it and you'll see the saints moving around there.
You really ought to practice a bit of cover while shooting because it can get a bit tricky with many enemies firing at you at once and if you are playing on Hard difficulty then you'll definitely need a bit of cover in a firefight.
Flee to Kinzie's
Make your way to the warehouse where you'll spawn each time you start the game - it's a bit sappy for the President!!!
Unlocked -
Hack - Vehicle Delivery:
When inside a vehicle, hit N to save it and you can spawn that vehicle from your phone in the menu accessed by Tab.
The next part includes you clearing out a flashpoint, going to the store for some clothes and then get a car to rim jobs to customize your car.
Time to increase the Tempo
- Data Clusters
Head to the marked area and go around on foot and as the yellow meter fills you'll get close to one of the Clusters.
The clusters are a very important part of the game. You'll be able to upgrade your powers only if you can spend a certain amount if clusters. There are seemingly tons of them around in the game and you will be collecting hundreds of these.
Now, access your powers menu and upgrade to get the Super Jump and the Super Sprint. Then you'll come into the training area - look around what you can do with your new powers. And then you'll start your first Blazin mission!
Blazin tests your ability to use the Super Sprint and Super Jump effectively to reach a certain location as quick as you can. There is a challenge you can complete when you finish all 9 of these in silver and gold.
For all blazin missions, you'll get Gold if there are 25secs remaining when you touch the last marker and silver for 15 secs and bronze for anything less than that.
Learn to Damage the Alien Presence
- Go to the hotspot
Hotspots are the shielded areas with the shield being generated from two generators. You need to destroy the two generators to get the shield down and then take out the last generator to destroy the hotspot.
The generators are heavily guarded so you'll need to be careful - shoot them out from a distance. Also, each time you take out a hotspot you'll need to fight wardens - they are badass!!!
This first warden is actually a bit easy, you need to super jump around whenever it tries to jump onto you or shoot at you. These guys are tough so you need to keep shooting at his head. You'll consume the warden to get more power each time you kill one, to consume it, you'll need to hit the action keys as shown on the screen - not too tough really -
-- Hot and Cold

You now gain the Freeze Blast.. learn how to use it as the guardian from next time on will have shields which can only be down if you use the blast on them and even then the shield will be down only for a few seconds so you'll need to keep repeating the blast and also shoot the guardians.

The Escape

-- Break out of Simulation
Go to the doorway (the other one!!!)... once inside, you are buck naked - but leave it be. Keep moving ahead and shoot thru the aliens you come across and once you come to the end of the platform, you'll meet Kinzie.
-- The Real World
You'll need to escape the Zin ship now. The best way to control the ship you are flying is with the mouse - move the mouse accordingly and you'll do great. Also, keep shooting the other aliens.
You'll unfortunately get to see the Earth being destroyed also...
Unlocked -
The Ship
West Stanfield GatewayKeith and Kinzie

Breaking the Law

-- Take over a store
This first one is simple enough...
-- Break on Through
This is a different kind of Rift where you need to jump from one platform to another while jumping exactly onto the center of the platforms - which get you more points.
-- That Burning Sensation

You'll get into training again and test the new power....

Ghost in the Machine

-- Help the AI enter the Simulation
First go to the ruins of your old crib. Then go to the hotspot and kill the enemies and take one of the C.I.Ds. Then go to the rooftop where you see the marker and defend yourself - the C.I.D needs little protection but you'll be killed first if you dont't get behind cover and then shoot the enemies on their ships.
-- get CID to the Power Source
Go to the source and hit the download button. Then you'll see enemies coming from one side of the road - run to the other side and get behind cover and kill them from there.
You'll then get to fight air ships and face some murderbots. These guys are terminators come back to kill you - they are tough as nails too. You may not be able to kill all of them so make sure you are hiding from them first.
Take out the Guardian after the time is done (the murderbots disappear) - this will unlock another great power - the Telekinesis.
Telekinesis element - Force
South Downtown Gateway
Bounce Rifle
-- Go to the training programm
Now, head onto mind over murder...

Make sure you lift the corresponding objects and put them thru the right loops. There are different coloured loops for Genki Objects, People and cars - all in all - it's a very very fun game.

Zero Cool

Miller Space
-- Break Matt Miller Out
NOTE: Throughout the mission, you'll be able to see a command prompt on your screen - this is where Kinzie interacts with the computer and you really ought to read this coz it's funny as hell!
Go to the broken Shillelagh and you'll enter Matt's virtual world. Once you're in, you'll be able to see a command prompt and you'll get into a 2D tank. Take out the other tanks and enemies who come at you, you'll get into 3D soon.
Move to the Gate Key:::
Now move to the gate key and destroy it -
Go to the marker ahead and then to the next gate key. Keep going ahead and you'll come to an unbreacheable gate key. After which, you'll resume the battle then you need to run ahead to the bike which is shown.
Now the bike ride is going to be a long one and uneventful too. Frankly, the only thing you'll be doing here is riding - just ignore the enemies and keep going. Finally, you'll come to a life paradox -
((The red one is a bad choice!!!))
Then you'll get into the virual world of Matt...
((The music and setting is brilliant...) make sure you explore all the options to see what the computer has to say.
The order of things is -
1) Approach the computer
2) I am a slave
3) Fly towards the Purple Star
4) Enter the Purple Star
5) Touch the Pendulum
6) Drink the Wine
7) Wake Up
8) Make 2 Martini Glasses out of Coconuts
9) Offer the Architect a Drink (whistle!)
10) Your Mom's a Slave
11) I'm Sorry
12) I said I'm sorry
13) I want to rescue Matt Miller
14) And who's that?
15) Then where's Matt
16) Let's do this
17) I know you can beat him Matt
18) Punch Killbane
19) Punch Killbane again
20) Punch Killbane again
21) Time to go Matt
Matt's Back
-- Retrieve Matt Miller
Go talk to Kinzie who gives you a RObot/Power Armor/kikazz suit!!!
Note: There are two bars to the right of the screen when you are in the bot. The Blue bar is the health of the armor and the white one is the fuel bar which will keep replenishing when you are on ground and is used when you are flying with the suit.
Go ahead to the crates - you just need to walk over the crates to break them and the blue barrels contain health and the red barrels are explosives. You'll be able to find boxes glowing with blue lights thru this mission so get them when you need them -
Go ahead to the marked door which is apparently too small for you and then fly up using space. Note the fuel indicator to the right. Go up all the way to a new door and hit shift to Shoulder Bash into it.
Inside, you don't really need to fight, but hey, killing aliens inside a giant suit of super-powered armor is fun! Move to the marked location and you'll come to Matt - but you need to fly and jump and what not before you eventually get to him.
Go to Matt and then follow the marker out of the room. Matt tells you that he's going to find some parts to make your guns work and you need to defend him while he is at it.
The aliens keep comiing from the left and right. You can go to the Aliens and kill them if you wish to but note that Matt gets killed very easily and the aliens will shoot down in seconds if you are not near him. After this, you'll be prompted to go outside. Move out and kill all the aliens coming to your left and right. Then move to the marked location towards the escape - soon more aliens will try to overwhelm you but your guns are more than enough to keep them at bay.
Try to move to the enemies to make the killings easier and quicker. After you destroy several waves of enemies, you'll need to take out the ships which are coming above you so destory them and after a bit, your guns stop working.
Now, run to the edge of the platform where the marker is to get out of here in your ship.
Defend Ship:
You know what to do - jsut aim and shoot the ships - you can't hit the Mother ship yet so save your ammo for the smaller ones. At the end of this, you'll be asked to shoot the panel to the left of where the Mother ship is and then the right side panel.
Matt Miller
Gateway - South New Colvin
Loyalty Missions

The Warden Stomp

NOTE: Once you come into the Virtual World, you'll face a new Guardian who likes to stomp a lot - infact, it's the only thing it does most of the time. To kill it, you'll need to be quick - when it stomps and lands on the ground, just jump up to avoid damage. TO kill it, you'll need to be really quick and take it with the freeze blast - note that you don't need to hit it directly as splash damage will get it too. But it comes out of the freeze very soon - in a couple of seconds. You need to be close to it and the shotgun is the best weapon to take it out.
Then you'll unlock the STOMP... You can use stomp while on ground or a more powerful version is when you jump up and hit stomp while mid-air.

Anomalous Readings

-- Find the Reading's Source
Just go to the location to get this done.
-- Test your mettel in the Super Power Fight Club
Okay, this is great - our own super-hero death match. You just gotta go in and use onlly your super-powers to destory your opponents and the minions.
Your first boss is NyghtBlayde but before you get to him, there are two waves of lesser super powered enemies to deal with.
The balls you see around the arena are for your telekinesis. You really ought to use them with your lightning TK and it will damage the opponents to a great extent. Apart from that, some other move that really works great is when you jump up in the air and from mid-air you need to freeze blast the enemies on ground and  shift to Stomp power mid-air immediately and use it on them. This needs to be done fast so keep practising this move - it will also help greatly when you are surrounded by a great many enemies.

This particular fight is easy on the gold so you ought to get it.

Back by Popular Demand

Find Johnny Gat
-- Go to the Broken Shillelagh
This mission is directly from SR3 when Johnny Gat gets killed. Also, there are no super-powers with you now!
Kill the thugs and move ahead, keep going thru the enemies and once you come up to the door, each door has two or three enemies behind it waiting for you. So, be careful when entering thru the door. Keep going and in the last door, you'll meet your friends...
De Plane Boss
-- Save Shaundi
The whole plane now goes into uber-screwdom. Move into the next room and you can see the huge gaps in the ground, you need to jump over them and if you fall thru them you'll start from the beginning again.
Also, make sure you are jumping across where the gap is the least of all the gaps in the area. In the second room, the gap you need to jump across is to the left of the room, keep going and in the end you'll come to the upper floor of a night-club. Go down the stairs (the door is to the left of the room here.
-- Kill Veteran Child
Okay, the Child is BACK!!! if you played the earlier games you'll know who Veteran Child is. Anyway, Use your stun gun and zap him in the face and switch to another gun and keep shooting him in the head preferrable and then switch back to your stun-gun when he takes shaundi and repeat till he dies.
Zinyak meddles in the programm and revives the Child. If you kill him now, he'll just keep coming back multiplied. After a few multipliactions, Kinzie conjures up a box nearby, open it to find a new special-weapon -
Take all of his clones out and then you'll get Shaundi out of here.
Fun Shaundi
Gateway - West Carver Island
Audio Logs


From Asha with Love

-- Rescue Asha
So, back to the Broken Shillelagh then. In this sim, along with your usual lack of powers, you'll also see that your appearance changes - most notably, you'll look like a real spy. This, missing you gotta play it the secret agent way - infiltrating the place and taking out the guards silently.
So, after you meet Asha and go down the stairs, you'll start the quest. Go ahead and after she opens the first door, you'll come to the first guard who is inside the room to the right. Asha asks you to ignore him and shoot out the two lights to the left.
The Case of Mr.X
NOTE: If you walk into light at any time, you'll lose the mission. Also, if the prompt over the guards is "OMG" - it means they spotted you and you still lose.
Anyway, after you take out the first two lights and move ahead, you'll come to another light on the left as you go ahead -
The next place has a light and a guard - shoot out the light firs and then immediately shoot the guard in the head or run to him and execute him with "F".
The next guard you come to is having trouble with his work and wife (the conversation is hilarious!). So, anyway, you need to look behind you to find an Air Duct and go thru it.
Once you come out the other side, shoot the light and the guard and move to the next place.
This place has two guards and a Ho, and two lights. You need to shoot both lights first and then both guards soon after -
-- Stealth Box 9000
You'll get into a box in the next part and you need to stealth kill your way thru this room. Just move to a guard who is not moving and kill him, if the guard ahead is moving then wait for him to get past you and then kill him - the guards here have particularly funny one liners!
Anyway, after you take out the last guard you'll get into a room full of lasers
You can just take the air duct to the right here and on the other side you'll meet your evil twin. Thru the next set of areas, you'll come across scores of guards - just keep shooting in the head to kill the of quickly. And in the final area, you'll come inisde a romm full of server banks where you need to make a stand of a while. After tons of killing, your evil twin finally shows up.
-- Kill Evil You
So this guy is a good sniper. You should never face him without cover. The best way to shoot him is to stand to the right of a server bank so that he does not get the angle to shoot you but you can shoot him -
Whenever he hides behind cover, you ought to shoot out the generator beside him to lure him out again.
Apart from evil you, you need to deal with other enemeis who are coming at you on the ground (Asha mostly engages them) and also some murderbots. Okay, the murderbots are difficult to kill but you need to concentrate on evil you. Let Asha loot after the others and whenever she goes down, you need to revive her.
You also should run behind one cover to the next when enemies on your level are shooting you and then take them out. With the murderbots, don't face them directly, run around and shoot them and when they come near you - run behind some other cover and resume.
After a long fight you'll finally kill yourself - your other self...

The Boss goes to Washington

-- Rescue Pierce
((This is precious!!!))
After you meet up with Pierce, you'll need to start collecting all of your weapons one by one. So run upstairs and run to each marked crate and collect your weapons. Then get out to the pool area and take your RPG.
Saints Flow
So, the first part is to shoot down Paul. Get behind cover and keep shooting at him, when you are out of ammo, just go to the marked crate and take more rockets and resume firing at him.
So, after a lot of firing, you'll change locations and get to another rooftop after he throws you there. Now, the game asks you to fire rockets at Paul. Paul is constantly onto his antics and is never still, if you aim at his head or something, you'll miss most of the times, the best place to aim at is just below his center of gravity - the crotch I mean!
Also, you'll have more Saints Flow spawn around you so kill them while you are running - if you have the dual weild SMG skill then it's gonna be a lot of help.
So after this - you need to shoot him maybe 5 times and then Kinzie comes up with a plan and you can get into the copter she sends. While in the copter, keep shooting Paul and he follows you to the park. When you come into the park, run to the statue of Joe Magarac. What comes next is awesomeness unlimited!
Just keep smashing at Paul and on the off-chance that he brings you down, hold right click to defend yourself. Once he's on the ground, hit E to execute him.

One of the finest executions ever!!!

King of Stilwater

-- Rescue Ben King
So, you'll be back where you played the first SR - Stilwater. Once you go ahead you'll meet your old rival crew members - the Vice Kings. Keep taking them down and after you take out a guy with a base ball bat you can equip it. Keep bashing them and go to the Church. Once you get to the church more bashing to do and the nyou can go inside.
Inside the church, you'll meet Tanya and also if you go to the marked locations you'll get to see some of the old stuff. Then you'll meet King.
King Me
So, after the conversation is done, there are guns on the table to the left here - you already might have them. The church is being invaded by the Vice Kings so go out and shoot down all of hem - don't forget to stay behind cover. After you are done here, go out to the back and start taking them out. After a long fight Kinzie sends you a present which is inside an open grave nearby - it's an RPG launcher. But, don't use it on these guys now - save atleast four rockets for later.
In a little while, King goes down on the other side of the church - run to him and revive him. Stay here behind the couch and take out the enemeis ahead. When you are running to save King, ignore the enemies infornt of him or just then their numbers down a bit by using an RPG (that's if you have more than 4 with you). 
-- Kill Big Tony
So, after you take them down, Tony come in a mounted turret jeep. Use two rockets on him now... You're in for a long fight if you don't have those rockets. Best thing to do would be to take cover behind the same couch. If you stand behind cars, they'll blow up from the shots fired at them.
-- Leave
You can leave after you kill Big Tony but ahead you'll also come across Tanya.

You can destroy her entire guard and half her health with one well placed rocket. And a second should take her out.... you can then get out of here.

Emergency Situation

(( Note: Once this mission comes to you, you'll be constantly attacked when in Steelport until you complete this mission.))
Something's Wrong is Steelport
Get back to the Simulation, if you were not here earlier you'll notice that the whole place is screwed up. You'll be attacked constanly on ground level from various gang members. Best way to move is from the roof tops.
Remove the Clones from Steelport
-- Go to Ping Location
You'll have CID help you thru this mission. So it's the same thing, at each location you'll have to throw CID with TK into the air.
A Game of Clones
You'll be under a lot of fire so best thing to do is jump up back to the roof. Anyway, after this, go to the next location and shoot out the relay - you can do this from on top of the roof of a nearby building, no need to touch ground.
Then follow this up with some more Pings and Relays. The next relay in on the platform of a tower. Take the relays out from the nearby building. The next relay is shielded -
Firt go down there and throw CID into the generator on top and get back to a roof nearby and take out the aliens. Mostly, you'll get fire from flying enemies - your can use the ice blast on them. And once the shield is down, shoot out the relays. Then go to the next relay where you face your first Marauder.
These things are unsually tough to destory from the front so CID distracts it and you can shoot into the green light behind it -
After you take it out, go to the final area.
Now, you constantly need to pick up and throw the clones here back into the portal -
-- Defeat the TK throwback clone
After a while you'll come across the Stilwater you. Get his health to a minimum and throw him back and then you'll deal with two guys because there's something called a co-op game even though you are doing single player now. Finally, you'll get the location of a Warder which can help with unlocking a new power. So, go to the datasurge locaiton.
-- Defeat Warden
This one is awfully jumpy. Just keep freeze blasting him and shoot him down. Just move away using super sprint after he throws or shoots something at you.
This power is going to be your new best friend if you learn to use it properly  and upgrade it.


...The Very Next Day

Hell Yeah!
-- Rescue Johnny Gat
It's a 90's fight sim game. Just keep bashing the buttons to kill everyone. Your character performs combos off his own accord so don't worry about them. Apart from the punch and kick you can also, jump up and hit kick or punch for a jump-kick - this is very useful in case you are fighting a boss - you fight a lot of them too!!!
Also, when you are down on health, there are a lot of health pickups like Burgers and shakes and all.
Once you are in stage two, you'll come across some electric barriers-
Just wait for them to stop and move. In the boss battles, don't get too close  to the bosses. Just stay back and jump kick them and repeat like that. After this is done you go back to the real world to get Johnny.
Welcome Back
-- Find Gat's Pod
You can just blaze thru the starting area. In the next place where you see his
pod -
Just fly up to it and continue on the path behind it. Just keep going and soon
you'll come to an area where you get the prompt to "Kill Everyone". Here you
also face Marauders. You can fly over them and behind them and use your rockets
to get them.
Be very careful where you are flying - if you are not on top of a platform when
your fuel is running out then you'll fall down and get killed so watch where 
you are flying. After you kill every alien and machine here, you'll be prompted
to go after Gat.
-- Find Gat
Fly to the marked locaiton and keep going. You'll just find a lot of aliens in your way so make good use of that rocket launcher on your suit.
After you get him, you'll finally know what happened back in SR3 and how Johnny was not killed!
Note: You'll unlock two new fantastic powers after you rescue Johnny and now your arsenal of powers is completed!

Death From Above...

This is a simple simulation to practise your new power. Note that you can unlock the nuke it for this power with 50 Clusters and the higher you go before coming down onto the ground, the more powerful your strike is going to be.


Kinzie Gambit

-- Meet the crew to bring down Zinyak

Get to Kinzie's Warehouse to start the meeting. 

-- Destroy Tanks
Yup, it goes from "Meet your friends" to "Destroy tanks" in 3. Go outside and start blasting them. If you don't have the fully upgraded rocket launcher with you it'll be a bit difficult.
Once outside, you'll face opposition from all directions - ground and air. Your homies will shout out "UFO" when there's anything in the air so heed their shouts and shoot out any UFOs you can see.
Next, get onto the marked roof and keep killing the enemies below and get into the helicopter when prompted -
When a Plan Comes Together
Pierce and Ben King get into a car below and you need to protect them from the copter and it is going to be easy. Just keep using the turret and rockets in your copter on the cars and tanks and other stuff coming ahead of them on the ground. After a while, your copter crashes and you fall into Genki's home. Well atleast you are not playing!!!
-- Kill Aliens
Grab a turret nearby and aim on the floor when the Zin are coming and shoot them. You need to keep killing Aliens until the the Murder Meter is full -
Also, shoot the "Ethical" boards for traps that'll kill the Zin. You also get to kill Genki again and after all that. Go out to the prize room to the left.
-- Protect Car
Now, the infinite ammo rocket launcher will definitely help. Keep shooting anything you see moving on the road and you'll do fine until...
All Hands on Deck
-- Check on Kinzie
---- Defend Room
There's some alien intrusion in your ship - wrong ship to steal from bub!
First get to the Bridge and as you'll see - no one is flying the ship so next stop - Cargo Bay. After you kill the Zin here, you need to colletct the bombs around here -
-- Go to the Airlock
You'll a murderbot mini-gun from a crate Johnny finds and then you can proceed to destoy the Zin ship that attacked you.
-- Find the Biggest, Glowingest Thing

You'll come to the biggest glowingest thing in a little while as you keep shooting thru tons of zin. After you place two bombs here, you'll need to look for something important and plant the bomb and after you are done, run back to your ship - an alien turdhead will get you at the last moment - hit the keys shown on your screen to kick it's ssa and get out of here.

Talkie Talkie

Go meet Matt and it's done!!!


The Girl who Hates the 50s

((Reminder - get yourself to lvl50 and fully upgrade your rocket launcher - if you haven't already))
He Lives
-- Locate Keith David
---- Go to Keith's Rally
Once you get to his rally, David goes into the building, follow him in and take out the enemies inside. Then go to the office on the upper floor and...
-- Find the Vice President
There's a lot of Zin but you need to make your way up to the roof where the VP is getting his ssa laid down by Roddy Piper...
-- Destroy the CIDs
So simple!! just aim and shoot out the CIDs and all other Zin on the roof as fast as you can. Then when you get the prompt, run up to the roof and disable the sattelite.
Hello Teacup
-- Rescue Kinzie
Meet up with CID and follow him into the next dimension -
-- Find Kinzie
Go to the Kinzie nearby and stomp the flowers to no avail. Get into the truck nearby and you'll soon see Kinzie get into a Police vehicle. Start crashing your car into the police car and take them down and talk to Kinzie again.
Next, and finally, you'll see the real Kinzie.
-- Rewire the Speaker
This can be very very annoying. First rewire the first speaker and get the weapon Kieth conjures in. Now, be ready - go to the next Speaker in a car. Get out of the car, re-wire and get back inside. If you are not in a car then the Propaganda Truck will constantly try to run your over - and it'll succeed at that too - it is very difficult to dodge it or run away from it - let alone stand and shoot it.
Now, after you get into a car, if the truck is still ramming into you then do the same and change cars when yours is all damaged and continue till the truck is down.
Get to the next speark like that too - for the next two speakers you get two and three trucks to handle respectively. Now, if by chance you see the Propoganda Trucks stuck somewhere like behind a fence or between poles or something or if they simple stopped -
Get out and do not go very close to them just use the Dubstep Gun on them from as far as you can and take them out - that easy!!!
Once this is done, get back to the real Kinzie...
-- Defeat Cyrus

You can use a car to run him over but that'll take a long time so use the Dubstep insteand and kill him off.


-- Collect Parts for the Key
Meet up with Johnny Gat and head to the Armory. You'll see various TK openable boxes around you -
You'll find a CPU in one of them - juse use TK to open them...
We have the Technology
-- Collect Memory Modules
Your infinite ammo'ed launcher will do wonders here!
Go to the first marked location and destoy everything on the platform - then collect the two modules. Then go to the next two locations and get all of the modules - you'll face inceasing resistance but it'll be easy anyway...
Batteries Not Included
-- Finish the Key
Meet CID and go to the signal area. Destory everything there and pick up the battery -
The next battery (yeah you jinxed it!!!) has more Zin and two shield generators so you need to take out the generators to get to the Battery. The last battery is even worse!!!
There are like six or some shield generators. Only three of them are real but you face really really heavy resistance like a lot of Marauders and all. Just go to each generator when the area is a bit clear and see if you get the prompt to disable it if som then do it, if not then it's a fake - go to the next one.

After you get the last one, go into the tank and you have 3mins to get to the drop-off which is more than enough time. Just ignore everything else and head to the drop off.

Punch The Shark

Note: This is the last mission and you'll be better off by fully upgrading your Rocket Launcher, Buff powers, You'll need death from above (NUKE) atleast once and that's enough but anything else definitely helps.
Grand Finale
-- Meet Kinzie on the Ship
So which team to choose first? as you can guess the three tasks you need to do only get tougher but which team is with you does not matter as they'll all give you equal help in diffrent ways - but it won't make any diffrence.
-- Protect Key
Okay, power up the Alien RPG you are holding and keep shooting aliens on ground and in the air too...
After a long time defendin (and you better do it properly or the truck will blow up, just make sure you kill fast. When the truck stops, use TK to take the key to the tower. Now put it infront and wait for CID to open the door. Now, there is going to be a lot of resistance around the tower - A WHOLE LOT!!!
What you can do is (if you have the Nuke it! power in Death from Above) Run up the tower here to a considerable height and do a death from above and watch the magic -
You won't have much resistance after that huh!!!
Once the door is open, TK the key and go in.
-- Enter System
Okay, this is another area where you'll sourly need your infinite Rocket Launcher because there are going to be a lot of enemies whom you need to kill fast.
-- Stomp Breakers
Just get to them and stomp them...
-- Defend Key
The key will be under fire from Zin on the ground and a lot of ships too so make sure you are destorying the ships. 
-- Disable the Suppression Devices
Go to each device, clear out the platform and disable them and return to defending the Key.
-- Destroy Relays
You can just shoot rockets at these from over 200 meters away and they'll explode in 2-3 hits.
After that, resume to defending the Key - the key will not be destoryed easily but you still need to kill a lot of aliens. There's a better chance of you dying than the key being destroy so contantly jump from platform to platform to avoid being ssurrounded.
Grand Finale Part Two
-- Go to Portal Location
There are a total of three portals. After this, the simulation will no longer be in control of the Zin.
At each portal, you'll need to Kill 10 aliens first and then defend the portal for some time. While defending the portal, you'll come under tons of fire from the Zin. Put on Buff Lightning here and watch them fry up. Destroy their ships which come at you too. And also, each time you see a red portal thru which the Zin come it - make sure you destory it - you should not have even one of these around you -
Just kill quickly and make sure no red portals are around and you'll get this done soon enough. After the last portal you'll need to jump to safety onto a nearby building and see what Kinzie brings in!!!
You'll have three minutes to escape the simulation. If you thing the gateway is close by and you can fool around for a bit then it'll be a problem. You see, the gateways will keep closing and you'll have to run to the next gateway and so on till you find one that is open.
Hit Enter...
Grand Finale Part Three
-- Find the Armory
So it's back to the basics again here. Take it slow as you'll need to kill all Zins while in the corridors.
Once you come into the large area which has the armory in the end, then you can run to the armory and defend your homies from there. Stay behind cover and move out just enough so that you can aim at the enemies to the right -
First enemies pour in from the right and then from the left. Stay to the right and keep killing them - there are going to be a lot of them so keep shooting their heads and also take out any CIDs which are shielding enemies. After this one of your homies tells you they are coming from the left side too. Get there and take them out - you'll likely come across a shielded Murderbot here, take out the CID first and then the bot.
After thr armory opens, run in and jump into a suit!!!
You'll come across several lasers on your way down and also, you can't hit the walls or you are gone. The lasers are easy to dodge anyway so don't go near the walls.
Once you are on the floor run to the power conduits and shoot them.
Then run out and keep falling down and make sure you are directing your character away from the debris on your way down.
Grand Finale Part Four
-- Be a Badass
There are three parts to this fight. First, you'll fight Zinyak in his power armor. During this first part, make sure you stay as close to Zinyak as possible without going under his feet - atleast stay on the same platfor as his or he will keep shooting at you and his weapons are too powerful. When you are on the same platform as him, Make sure you are using a Buff power like lightning or anything and keep shooting him with your weapon.
After his health goes to half (which does take a lot of time). He'll jump into the central platform and gain shields around him. 
-- Throw CIDs at Zinyak
Now there'll be several CIDs circling around him which come to you and explode near you. What you need to do is use TK to grab them when they get to you and throw them back at him. Jump from platform to platfrom after each throw you make as aliens are coming after you. After his health goes down to a quarter you'll be asked to kill the minions, just kill a few or keep running away from platform to paltform as your friends arrive in a little while.
-- Disable the Shield Generators
Don't get to disabling the three shield generators till they come though or as soon as possible, in the very beginning when you get the prompt to disable them, go to one and take out any one close to it and disable it quickly. Because soon there are going to be a lot of Zin at each generator and if you kill them they keep coming back.
After your super-homies come in, they draw some of the fire to them so go to each generator and use your Buff Freeze to freeze up any enemy getting too close to you and disable the generators. Even now, if there are too many enemies around, it'll get difficult so wipe off a few and then disable the generators.
You'll finally get Zinyak for yourself... Hit the buttons on the screen and you'll really rip his head off (you told him right!).
And finally, some dance time!!!
Iron Saint
Mech Suit
Time of Day

LE END>>>>>>                                                   


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