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Five reasons you should be excited for Xbox One

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Xbox One E3

Customer service and Microsoft’s track record with second chances

If it isn’t evident enough to you yet, let me make it so: Microsoft is a prideful company. They don’t like admitting they’re wrong, and when they’re showcasing something, they do it with a bit of “swagger” that only a company formerly owned by Bill Gates can do. However, something changed, at least momentarily, when Microsoft shocked the world and switched two of their Xbox One policies after listening to fan outcry via social media and pre-orders. This continued just today when, as I previously mentioned, Microsoft revealed that indie game publishers can self-publish on Xbox One. This tells me that Microsoft is finally learning a vital trait to customer service that extends from the casual consumer to the hardcore community that’s been around since 2002.

And on a similar note, Microsoft has a track record with second chances and not stumbling twice. Xbox to Xbox 360. Pre-360 Xbox LIVE to Xbox LIVE with a marketplace and user interaction. These are just two examples of getting things right after failure, and I’d argue that this time around Microsoft has more to “get right” than ever before. As I previously touched upon, Kinect is one monumental pillar to restructure – to build back faith in fans. Another is that of games themselves. And finally is one they’ve already begun to tackle, and that is that of used game restrictions and always online.

Customer service is a priority for any successful company, and it’s promising that Microsoft’s is beginning to span towards the hardcore, gaming crowd that so dearly just wants to be recognized and cared for.

Xbox One interface


Take a look at your Xbox 360 quick. It’s a pretty impressive piece of hardware, isn’t it? One that can play triple-A, disc-based games, music & other applications and ultimately interact with people all over the world. However, none of this is seamless. The Xbox One aims to bring forth these present features, along with a slew of new ideas that I highlighted earlier, and blend them together so that an “all-in-one entertainment system” can literally be that, and not just a box that provides everything in a choppy, set-apart manner. 

This should excite you because it, once again, provides countless opportunities for games. Microsoft wants you to be able to search for a guide of the game you're playing as you play that specific game. Microsoft wants you to Skype your buddies while you take down strangers in Call of Duty's multiplayer. Microsoft wants you to do all of this because it plays into the hands of the Xbox One. And if it’s done truly seamlessly, it’s going to create a unique atmosphere that chat did for Xbox LIVE way back when.

Think about it. Seamlessness is exciting.

What did we miss?

What else makes you excited about Xbox One? Let us know by commenting below, and be sure to check out GameZone daily for all your industry needs.

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