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Remember Me Walkthrough

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Episode 7 - Paradise Lost
Episode 8 - Sins of our fathers
Enemies Listing & dealing with them...

Episode 4 - Panoptic Icon

Find Madame:
Move ahead and you'll come to a mem pic to the right infront of the large 05 which is on the wall. Keep going and you'll come to a sentry bot. Past the bot you can climb up to the left - do so and look back to the left end of the area where you can see the 07 on the wall. Go there and you can find the [[FocusBoost]] -
Go back and to the other side where you fight a group of Prowlers, use the turbine lights and after that, just to the right of the large 08 are ledges. They lead to a [[MNESIST]] -
Behind the flood lights switch is a ledge leading tothe next area. You'll come to the Drone Detection Module on the ground -
Go ahead and after passing thru some door, you come to drones - avoid their detection circles and past the second drone to the right behind some stuff is the [[SAT|PATCH]] -
Go back and use the ledges to the next area. You'll see a Cell Docking activation button - use it and go up the steps to the left and into the cell.
Once outside, move to the right behind the bot and you'll come to a locked door past this to the end is an open room with a [[MNESIST]] -
Go thru the door and you'll come to more drones. Thru the locked door is a mem pic. Go out and past the right drone and you come to a [[FocusBoost]] -
Go back and thru the locked door to the penitentiary. 
Steal Vaughan's Memory:
Go into the locker room, beat up every one and steal the memory. You encounter a new kind of enemy - The Prison Enforcers.
Find Madame:
Follow his remembrane and sycn near the office entrance and go thru. You'll fight a Heavy Prison Enforcer. There are two doors here, one leads to the Enforcer outfit storage room. Go there for a [[MNESIST]] -
Go into the enforcer training room now and kick everyone's butts - you get a new S-Pressen, the Logic Bomb. Get rid of everyone and go ahead.
As soon as you come out the door, to the left is a [[Scaramech]] -

You'll come to Vaughan's remembrane. Use it and sync and go thru. You'll then get into the detention room - just keep moving right and stand behind the pillars to avoid the beams. In the last cell - it's open and you'll come to another remembrane. Use it and sync and once you are down. Move out and you'll come to a mem pic. You can find a [[FocusBoost]] if you go past the right side sentry bot 600
Go down the other way and you'll get into a fight with some Seraphims.
Word of Advice -
When against a Seraphim and a group of other enemies - always take out all the Seraphims first or you're in for some bad luck...
You can take out the Seraphim's using the Junk Bolt - first hit takes down the shield and in the second hit make sure you hit it when the shield is down. After this fight (remember, keep dodging and wait for the Spammer to cooldown and keep using the Junk Bolt before you fight the enforers). The Seraphim's are quick so you need to dodge out of the way as soon as you can see them preparing for an attack.
Go aehad after the fight and you come to a door to the left - go past it and in the end to the right is a [[FocusBoost]] -
You'll come to the interrogation rooms next. The first room has nothing, go into the next one to find Madame and then steal her memories. Go thru the next door and you'll come to two doors - one leading to a Strage Room in which is a [[MNESIST] -
Next, go out into the Courtyard.
Go to La Basille's memory servers:
Go out to the courtyard and you'll meet some Nephilims.
Word of Advice:
Make sure you never stay inside the red circle and immediately after they send a blast - they are vulnerable - hit them with the Junk Bolt now and in another shot they'll go down. They keep aiming and try to jumo on you - just dodge away from the red circle -
Then you get a new S-Pressen "Rust In Pieces" - this is a fantastic power against bot enemies - use it here and you'll know. After the fight - go thru the locked tower entrance door. In the right corner are is a [[MNESIST]] -
Go to the remembrane and to the next one - the correct door is the left one. Play the remembrane inside and you fight some Enforcer Projections. After the fight here - you gain entrance to the Memroy Banks and to Madame...
Defeat Madame
There are a few steps to fight Madame -
1) Use the projections to cooldown your Sensen DOS and powerup the foucs points
2) Always use Junk Bolt to bring the Madame down.
3) Once you have focus points, use Sensen DOS - it's the best attack there is against Madame.
4) Whenever you see Seraphims in the fight - forget everything else and take them out first.
5) After Madame comes down the first time, she keeps shooting something down at you - just run around in circles till it stops and repeat with the Sensen Dos.
6) After the first bar of health, she'll get aggressive and more Seraphims become more frequent. Keep dodging and take them all out. Use the Junk Bolt on her and when she falls - use the DOS to see which is real and kick the sugar out of her. Use a powerful combo filled with Power Sensens.
After the fight, the QTE sequence is Punch Kick Use and Spacebars. Over load her and get to the server.
Release the Prisoner's Memories:
Use the new Force Spammer to drag the data bank to the right side end. Then pull it along the next rail above you and you come to a gap in the rail. Here, look above to the left and pull down the rail -
Move the backup to this end and see what happens.
The Break-up, Make Forlan kill Alexa:
1) Bottle and Trophy
2) Gun Safety while Forlan is flipping it.
3) Suitcase GPS
4) Cigarette and Side Table
5) Gun Safety after he places it down.
The combinations are -
Gun safety while he is flipping (BUG)
Bottle (BUG)
Bottle, Side Table (convo)
Bottle, Side Table, Gun Safety after he places it down (goal)


Episode 5 - Headshot

"A mother's heart is an abyss at the bottom of which there is always forgiveness"
Find the Memorize Head Office:
Behind you is a locked door. Inside is a [[Scaramech]] -
Outside, you'll come to an electrified pool, to the right bottom ahead is a billboard in the water which you can move. Pull it up, and hold it like that, move onto solid ground and release it and move ahead. Keep going, you'll come to a mem pic and a shutter you can pull up. You'll fight leapers here. To the end here is a box you can use to climb up where the [[FocusBoost]] is -
Go into the next area and use the things here to climb up, you'll come inside a narrow area. In the end to the right is a turbine with a [[Scaramech]] -
You should have come across a ladder here, use it and above, you'll come to a locked door. Inside, break the structural weakness and open the shutter and move out.
Once out, move left to find an elevator you should pull up. Then climb on it and jump to the right onto a large frame suspended in the air -
Jump from this to the other side and on the balcony, move to the right end to find a [[MNESIST]] -
Climb the pole nearby and use the ledges to get on top to the next area which has sentry bots moving about. Go past the bots (Stick to the right wall) and in the end is a shutter you can open so that the bot goes in there -
After the bot goes in, move ahead and go into the room to the right here but look back and open the shutter so that the bot comes out. Go in for a [[FocusBoost]].
Go back into the room and go thru and you'll come to a ladder, climb it and soon you'll be outside. Go ahead and past the mem pic, when standing on the edge you can see a billboard to jump onto -
Before going there, fall down here - Nilin catches the edge and you can see ledges leading left and if you go there a [[SAT|PATCH]] is waiting for you -
Go back and continue ahead till you come to some switches to open solar panels. Drag the switch to the right to make the panels comes down - jump onto them and keep going to the left.
You'll cross a mem pic, past it on the wall is a hand drawn pic of an Enforcer-
Grab the ledge here and go up and go to the right side ledges first and you'll reach a [[FocusBoost]] -
Go to the other side and soon you'll be in a fight with Leapers. After you take out the first group of Prowlers, it'll turn dark and you'll need to fight more in intermittently glowing light - use your S-Pressens here and after the fight look at the pipe going up around the corner and keep going till you get to an orange door with a mem pic to the right. Opposite to the door, on the wall is a pipe leading up to a [[SAT|PATCH]] -
Go thru the orange door and you'll come across your first Elite Enforcer. No matter how you hit him, you will be hurt coz of the field around his body. The best thing to do with these guys is to fill up the 6-strike combo with healing pressens and chain pressens in the end and the 5-strike with power pressens. You can do the healthy 6-strike combo and if you are using enough heal and chain pressens then you will still gain health while losing some. So, you ought to use the 5-strike power combo to hurt him bad and use the 6-strike to regain health while still hurting him a bit. Your S-Pressens like DOS not effective against this guy.
After you deal with him open the glass door to the right and to the left of the room is a [[MNESIST]] -
Go thru the next room and keep going till you get to sentry bots. There are two bots here and two rooms to their left. First, go into the first room from it's left and keep the shutter of this one closed. Jump into the next room and open the shutter here and jump back into the previous room. When you see the bot come into this room, close the shutter and trap it. Go back outside and open the first room's shutter and when the bot comes in here, run past it and open the locked door in the end and go thru. Once you are out, you'll come straight infront of Memorize HQ.
Climb up the building's VIP access:
To the left are crane controls. Use them and pull the container on the crane ahead to the left and jump on it and get over the crane. Hit the button here and next, jump onto the roof of the building. Now, Trace comes in and we play a little game of cat and mouse.
Keep going ahead and jumping and keep moving till you come to a shutter. Close it -
Climb over it and go up. Climb up and jump to the right onto a platform -
Go to the other side and pull down the Drone access -
Immeditely, jump on it and move to the right and to the left is a [[Scaramech]]
Go ahead and once you are on a metal platform, Trace shoots it and keeps breaking it down. First start from the right side corner, jump across the gap he shoots and across the next gap too, move onto the center and jump across the gap he just shot. Once across, you'll come to some Enforcers. Take them down, go outside and keep going till you get inside a building. Open the door here and some Enforcers are waiting for you. Take them down and go thru the door and keep going up the stairs till you are on top of the roof, hiding behind a low rise from Trace.
Steal Trace's Memory:
Move to the left behind cover when you see that the lights of the coper are going away. Then go to the next cover too. A short scene will play now showing Trace shooting thru like a maniac. Now, before you go ahead, look to the right above and you'll see the Trubine Control you can shoot - hit it -
Immediately run to the left and go up the ladder here and jump onto the copter and steal his memories.
Get to Scylla Cartier Wells:
Use the ledges and you'll come inside a building -
Keep going and you'll come out of it the other side and onto ledges again. Jump onto the billboard and to the right onto the pipe and go into the building thru the window. To the left in here is a [[MNESIST]] -
Open the shutter you come to and go out. Take the ledges and you'll come on top of Memorize again - this time Elite enforcers with Elite Leapers. Even the Elite leapers are not effected by DOS. Take down the enforcer and a Nephilim joins in. Defeat them all and use the Remembrane. Sync with Trace and you'll see a code lock open to the left. The correct cde is 2058.
Go inside and keep going till you come to a path leading left and right - they both lead the same way, take the left one becuase it has only one drone. Slip past is and you'll come to a open door leading to the next area, opposite is another open room with a cube in the middle where you find a [[MNESIST]] -
Go into the next area and you'll get into DJ mode...
Remix Scylla Cartier-Wells, Make Scylla guilty for the crash:
1) Windshield
2) LCD Screen and Airbag
3) Airbag and Cup Holder
4) Jax
Airbag - Bug
Purse and Jax - special
Cup holder, Airbag, Jax, Windshield - Bingo


Episode 6 - Rotten Core

You'll start off in the Penitentiary, go ahead and climb up and keep going till you come to the elevator.
Get in the Elevator:
Slide the two panels to the left and right and then pull the shutter up and go in and use the Elevator.
Find Bad Request's Pick-Socket:
Just as you exit the elevator you come to a medbox. Ahead you come to a mem pic and to it's left are stairs leading down. Go to the right and look up to the rack. Pull it down and climb up to the control room. Here you find another rack to the right -
Pull it to the left until you get to Bad Request's locker. Inside is the Pick-Socket. But it's not over yet, keep moving the rack and you'll come to Nilin's belongings where you find a [[FocusBoost]] -
Now use the socket to the right here and then shoot it into the other socket opening the door to the right. Go in and you come to an open socket near a small door. Take the energy pack and move left, before you do anything, go ahead into the room and to the right you'll see a path leading further in to a [[MNESIST]] -
Go back and to the socket where you took the energy pack out of and to the left here is a window and if you look thru it, you'll see a socket you can shoot the pack into -
Go out and take the pack and you'll come to a mem pic - a diffrent one. Now, go back down the stairs to the left and in the right corner of this area is a small orange door with an empty socket. Shoot the pack into it and take the [[SAT|PATCH]] -
Go back up and past the mem pic to the larger double door with the socket next to it. Open it and go in. Go into the next area and you'll see BR in a cell. Climb the ladder here and go to BRs cell. After that you'll be back down fighting Elites. You get the Sensen CAMO now. It'll make you invisible for 30 secs so you can go behind any one target and overload him even without punching him once. Take out the Elite Enforcer...
Get to Bad Request's Cell:
After the fight, next to the ladder you took up is a power pack in a socket - take it out and go to the door the elite came out of and go in and suck back the pack and you'll come to an elevator. Use it to go up and you can go left or right. Move to the right side first and then suck out the pack and go inisde the cell here. Look above the entrance for a [[Scaramech]] -
Go to the other side after jumping back down and coming up and go thru that door. Jump across the gap and move to the left. Here, before you jump ahead, look to the right below you -
Jump there and Bolt the Cell Dispatch system here -
Go back up and the next few minutes, you'll just be moving cells and jumping across them, it's straight-forward and after while, you'll get to BR's cell.
Steal his memories...
Find Doctor Quaid:
Move to the right and use the remembrane, Sync with Quaid's projection and you'll see an energy pack in the socket ahead. Now, leave here and go back a bit - you will have crossed an empty cell earlier with a socket. Open it and inside, above the entrance is a [[Scaramech]].
Go back now and to the left of where you took the pack is the Medical Chair socket. Enable it and the chair starts moving, leave the pack here and move with the chair, the next path will open, just go ahead and turn right and go up the steps here. You'll fight elites, past where you fight them to the left is a remembrane. Use it and sync with the doc again, pull out the pack and move to the left where the Medical Chair is and shoot the pack into it's socket. 
Follow the chair down and go with it and keep going and you'll fight more elites. Then a bit further, you come to another remembrane to the right side of the area. Use it and run around to the left side and you will come to the other side where you can sync with Quaid. Take the pack and go back and shoot it into the chair and follow it. Nilin will see something move around... go to the door and it'll open for her - 
You will follow the trail which you took at the beginning of the game. You'll come to your cell, take the pack here and go back to the locked door with the socket to it's left and use the pack on it -
You'll then come to Quaid, fight and defeat all the enemies here - there are a lot of them. And then move the door to the left up and go thru. Heal yourself to the right here and go thru the next door. You'll come to the Zorn to the left which you first saw. Hit it with the bolt and you'll see a [[Scaramech]] above it.
Keep going and you'll come to Quaid again. Fight the waves of enemies here and you'll come to a wave where you have two Elites and two Skinners which are berserk on each other. You can't hit any of the Skinners while the other one is there so you need to use the CAMO, go behind a skinner and overload it. Then defeat the others...
Climb down from where you are and move to BR's body. Then comes in Dr.Green. He is very easy to take down - first keep beating down the elite leapers he summons and use Sensen DOS on him. Since Elite Leapers are not affected by DOS you need to take them out so they don't get in your way while you are dancing with Johnny. Use your most powerful combo on him and he'll go down in one combo - if you have the 8-strike combo full of power pressens and chain pressens in the end - or you just have to use another DOS to get him down.
You'll see a "Terminate" next to him when he is weak enough, the QTE sequence is - Kick Punch and use.
After he is down, go to the panel structure nearby -
Hit it with the Bolt and in the end of this path is a [[MNESISIT]]. Go back out and to the corpse disposal system.

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