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Dr. David's Indie Spotlight: Dejobaan Games on Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby and Drunken Robot Pornography

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GZ: What made you decide to release your games via Steam Early Access in the first place?

IL: Valve reached out to us on DRP, and it presented an opportunity to get some good, tough feedback while gauging whether people like the concept enough to actually pay for it. That's pretty much the harshest metric.

GZ: Do you see yourself continuing to launch games this way in the future?

IL: I'd like to! Whether or not we'd approach that depends on the game, though. If it's a replayable, tunable strategy title, it'd prolly work better in that format than a narrative-based thing (e.g., a one-time-through adventure game).

Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby - 3

GZ: While there's a free-flowing sense of freedom to be found in AaAaAA! and Ugly Baby, Drunken Robot Pornography adds a twist by incorporating robots, guns, and jetpacks while still maintaining that tried and tested frenzy ...

IL: I like where this is going!

GZ: Can we expect your next game to add even crazier environmental elements?

IL: It will go in one of two directions:

1. We'll go hog-wild and just toss all sorts of craziness in.
2. We'll return to basics and do something really quiet and lovely.

GZ: Would you kindly explain this image:

Queen Victoria

IL: Sam Clemens has figured largely into my work since around 1993, when we credited him for development on a commercial MUD. He appears in many of our trailers. But why should he get all the credit? You know, he and Queen Victoria (pictured above) used to ride together on various saucer hunts and such. So: she gets some love too.

GZ: Do you have other projects in the works? Can you share any wild ideas you have bouncing around in your head for future games?

IL: I want to do these:

  • A Food Network-branded cooking competition with a culinary engine that simulates the process of cooking on a chemical level.
  • A game about uncovering and exploring dead space civilizations that I've been wanting to make since 1988 and draws its aesthetic from the Atari ST version of Sundog: The Frozen Legacy.
  • A really accurate simulation of Jake Birkett of Grey Alien Games. Dude's chill, but he's not mild!
  • Others, but if I start considering them now, my brain will start thinking about them instead of DRP and UB.

GZ: The world has to know. What's more dangerous: an ugly baby or a drunken robot?

IL: The former phrase comes from a quote from futurist Azumi Pentak:

The world is an ugly baby just learning not to crap itself.

Humanity, as a whole, can be f*cking vicious.

Drunken Robot Pornography - 2

GZ: Lastly, could you share some of your biggest inspirations? Surely there has to be something that triggered these pleasantly chaotic experiences, isn't that right, Dejobaan!??????!!!?

IL: I remember these:

  • Philip Price and Gary Gilbertson made video game musicals for the Atari 800. They look quaint now, but the artistry they crammed into negative 2 kilobytes of memory floors me:
  • The original jetpacking action of Tribes. I worked out of a university lab during the late '90s, and we had a server called People Who Hate You.
  • Being sad and lonely as a nerdy kid. Adversity breeds creativity. Combine that with the joy of friends and family. Love.
  • Salsa dancing. After mastering the ability to not step on a dozen women's feet in a single night, I feel I can do anything.

Without a doubt, this was one of the most entertaining interviews I've ever been a part of. A huge thanks to Dejobaan and Ichiro! Feel free to send them love tweets on their official Twitter account @dejobaan. Additionally, check out both Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby and Drunken Robot Pornography on Steam Early Access (and screw it, play AaAaAA!).

Want to talk about indie games, Kirby, or cheap pizza? Follow me on Twitter @dr_davidsanchez.

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