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Interview: Talking Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and next-generation gaming with Michael Pachter

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[GZ]: It would be easy to ask you what you anticipate being Sony and Microsoft’s policy on used games for their next-gen consoles, but instead I want to ask you whether or not the industry as a whole would be better off without used games? Many note that PC gamers do not have used games and they’re doing just fine, and that consoles need to simply invest in Steam-like software that provides modest pricing. And when it comes down to it, Michael, are used games or poor publisher/developer decisions more to blame for the recent string of studio layoffs?

[Pachter]: No, the industry would not be better off without used games. There are a lot of people who cannot afford new games, and the used market provides access for those people; similarly, the used market provides currency for people who want to buy new games at full price, and I think that the “cost” to publishers and developers from used game sales is very low. Used games have nothing to do with studio layoffs; rather, poor decision-making is the reason. 

[GZ]: Microsoft was clear that the reveal was principally to showcase the Xbox One hardware, and that E3 would be their platform to highlight the games that’ll be on that hardware. Would you label Microsoft’s E3 presentation as “do or die” for the company in terms of those contemplating the Xbox One or PlayStation 4? And do you trust that their briefing will actually be “about the games?”

[Pachter]: The E3 presentation is certainly pretty important, since they only showed a handful of games at the Reveal event. Yes, I trust that E3 will be all about games, and I am looking forward to it.

[GZ]: Sony had the first word regarding their console announcement, and they will also have the last word at E3. It’s no secret that we will be seeing the PlayStation 4 for the first time there, but what else do you expect Sony to present during their briefing? 

[Pachter]: No clue what Sony will show, but I’m excited to hear a launch date and price, nonetheless.

E3 2013

Now to shake things up, we're going to turn to some quick-fire questions regarding next-generation and, particularly, the "console war."

[GZ]: Will Mirrors Edge 2 be announced at E3? As an Xbox One exclusive?

[Pachter]: Yes on Mirrors Edge 2. Unlikely it’s an exclusive.

[GZ]: Will there be a subscription-based Xbox One bundle at launch?

[Pachter]: Yes, there will be a subscription based bundle for Xbox One.

[GZ]: What will we be paying at launch for the Xbox One?

[Pachter]: $399

[GZ]: …And for the PlayStation 4?

[Pachter]: $349

[GZ]: Who will come out “on top” once E3 is gone and passed?

[Pachter]: I think both Sony and Microsoft will perform really well, and think that gamers come out on top, because they will have more choices than ever before.

[GZ]: …And will that be who’s more successful at launch?

[Pachter]: The boxes will both sell out at the above prices.

Xbox One PS4

And that wraps up our interview with Michael Pachter. We'd like to thank Michael for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Did anything that Michael touched on resonate with you? Anything you disagree with? Let us know by commenting below, and stay tuned to GameZone for all your gaming needs.

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