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Resident Evil: Revelations Walkthrough

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Ep9 - No Exit
Ep10 - Tangled Webs
Ep11 - Revelations
Ep12 - The Queen is Dead

Ep5 - Secrets Uncovered



Ep5.1 - Valkoinen Mokki
-- Search the Hideout
You can scan here to the right for some MG ammo. Keep going and when you turn a corner, you'll come across a rack. Scan here to get a [[Screwdriver]] -
Go into the next room to find [[HANDGUN AMMO]], [[GREEN HERB]] and inspect the scratch on the wall. You'll come to a panel locked door to the left. Adjust the nodes like this -
Inside the room, you can scan for MG ammo in the rack, a [[HANDGRENADE]] and then inspect the console. The next door opens up and also, you can get a look at the video camera's recording. 
-- Search for lost item
Go out and thru the unlocked door and you'll come to the room where the video got recorded. On the screen is a Handprint you can scan. You will also find [[HANDGUN AMMO]], [[SHOTGUN AMMO]], and [[MG AMMO]] on the desk and in the lockers. On the table is a manifesto you can read. Scan around a few times and you'll find MG ammo, handgun ammo and there are [[HANDGRENADES]] in the rack nearby. Investigate the dead gun and then if you scanned all the places, you can find [[Security Token]] to the left of the room.
Ep5.2 - Bilge Passageway
--Restore Power
There's a Handprint you can scan to the right of the door. Go thru the door, jump down and you'll come into some water. Go thru this corridor to the next area and keep going till you come into the main engine control room. If you scan in this room, you'll get Rifle ammo, there's a Weapons Box in here. Investigate the red screen control panels and you'll hear some distressing news...
-- Search for the Engine Room
Go thru the door here to the next area. The next corridor you come to has some infected creature. If they go underwater, you can't see them so best - remember where they were when you last saw them and shoot them under water itself or they can get close and cause a lot of damage. You can also scan here for some shotgun shells and then next place you come to has a jet of scalding steam leaking from the pipes. You can't touch it as it's - well - scalding...
You can scan here for ammo and remember this room as we'll come back here after a while. Go into the next room and climb up the platform as there are two more infected in the water. After you take care of them, take the [[GREEN HERB]] which on a table above the water level. 
The next place has two lanes - to the left and right and also three infected in the water. If you go to the left end here and scan, you can get some MG ammo. To the right end is some [[RIFLE AMMO]]. Go into the right side lane first and if you scan just as you climb the steps, you can pick up MG ammo. Go thru the door and you'll come to the Engine room.
There's are controls just as you enter the door but you can't do anything yet. A bit to the right is a lever and straight ahead in the end is a [[GREEN HERB]]
On the wall here is a manifest of the pipes. Read it and then go back to the lever and pull it once. The steam in the lower floor clears.
Now go back all the way and to the left lane. Here, as you enter the door - you'll come into the place under where you were earlier - to the right here is a [[CUSTOM PARTS]] -
The other side of the room has a map on the wall so take it and go thru the door. Keep going and you'll come to a peculiar device -
Go down the right here into the water and be prepared to kill some fish. There are more infected in the water so take care of them and go thru the door inside the left lane -
In here you'll find two great things, first is a [[CUSTOM PARTS]] set and an [[AUG Rifle]] -
Go back outside and to the left side now where you can pick up [[MG AMMO]] on a table to the left and you can scan here for more. Go up the stairs in the end and you'll come to a wood box, Go thru the door and in the end is a [[SHOCK GRENADE]] on the floor. Go thru the next door and you'll come to the other side of the room. Pull the lever here to clear the steam on the upper floor. Near the control box to the right end is a [[MG AMMO]] case and a memo you can read.
-- Search for the Restart Key
Go back thru the door you came in here from and go down the steps on the other side and you can scan here for rifle ammo. Go all the way to the door at the end of this lane and scan for a [[SHOCK GRENADE]]. Go back all the way to the engine room and pull the lever near Parker - the first one which you pulled. (You'll get a prompt on the screen saying that the steam must have stopped somewhere else).
Now, remember the first place you saw steam - if you don't read above. Go back there and since there's no steam, go thru into the room and you'll find a [[COGWHEEL]] -
You will also find a [[SHOCK GRENADE]] and shotgun shells if you scan. Also, there's a red valve wheel to the right here. Turn it and go back all the way to the peculiar device you saw earlier -
Place the Cog in the center and hit the switch to the left. Then collect the [[RESTART KEY]] which shows up inside. Go back to the engine room and take the control box to the right opposite to Parker's and place the key and turn it for a Power Up.... Something happens next, go towards Parker and it'll get worse...
Ep5.3 - Near the Crash Site
-- Head for the Crash Site
Go head and kill all B.O.Ws you come across till you get to the airplane. If you scan once you are near the site, you'll find a [[HANDGRENADE]] in the beginning and then..... INVISIBLE HUNTING TIME!!!
-- Destroy the Enemy
Even if they turn invisible - doesn't mean you can't shoot them. Try to ascertain where they are and shoot them down. There are a lot of them here.

After that, scan first near the right side debris for handgun ammo, MG ammo and more handgun ammo to the left - look inside the biohazard box and scan the tissue. You can scan to the left while going to the next debris ahead to find a [[HANDGRENADE]], mg ammo and near the debris - [[GREEN HERB]] more mg ammo and there's a wood crate to the right and some [[SHOTGUN SHELLS]. Scan near the plane for more shells. Go to the plane and pull down the metal that is blocking and use the Security Token on the computer to the left here..

Ep6 - Cat and Mouse



Ep6.1 - Mediterranean Sea
-- Search for Jill and Parker
To the left end here is a weapons box. Go into the left most door here and if you scan to the left end, you'll find some MG ammo in a Vase. On the table nearby is [[HANDGUN AMMO]]. On the wall is the Ship Interior Map. Inside, go into the next room and enter the elevator. Once you come out, you'll come to the Life Buoy metal door and then when you go thru - you'll be attacked by dozens of Zombies - didn't Jill and Parker kill them earlier - how come there are so many again?
Anyway, go up the step and come down the other side and go in thru the smaller Life buoy Metal door on the other side and come out the other way. Keep going and you'll come to the main elevator -
You'll find a [[HAND GRENADE]] if you go down the steps to the right. Go thru the lift and you'll come into the large ball room. Straight across behind the elevator on the opposite side of the room is a [[GREEN HERB]] -
-- Head for the Bilge
All other doors are magically locked again and only the casino going elevator door is open - which is on the other side of the bottom floor. When you come into the Casino - you'll hear the locked door from earlier banging..
On the minimap - to the right bottom area is a [[GREEN HERB]]. Go near the door thru which the noise is coming from but don't get too close. You can also pick up a [[HANDGRENADE]] on the Black Jack table. 
All you can do now is use any and all grenades you have on them and shoot them in the face. Keep moving around the central fountain. Be careful as they drop bear traps. After they die, you get a [[TRIDENT KEY]].
Go inside the room they came out of and pick up the [[GREEN HERB]] and [[HANDGRENADES]] on the table and go thru the Trident Metal Door. Keep going and you encounter an new kind of Blow Me up Zombie...
Keep going thru the next areas and thru the vent area while killing Zombies to get to the lift area. Then pull the lever of the lift and go to the next area.
Anyway, go thru the next door and you'll come to the Engine Control room where you can pick up a [[HANDGRENADE]] which is on the console -
Keep going and you'll come into the room where you got the Cog from earlier. Go inside there to find MG ammo (how come this suff is showing up when it was not here earlier - and where did all the water go to?)
Pick up the rest of the MG ammo and [[SHOTGUN SHELLS]] from the rack and the [[GREEN HERB]] from the comer of the room and continue thru the next area. Keep going thru the only way you can which is of course filled with tons of zombies and so you'll come into the engine room...
Ep6.2 - Bilge Passageway
-- Leave Engine Room
In the center of the room after you dive under water is a grate door -
At the bottom of the room is a metal pipe -
Go to the grate and try to open it.... Again, go down to the floor and you'll find another pipe to the right of the room -
Go back and pry it open and freedom at last. Go ahead and pick up the ammo and the [[SHOTGUN AMMO CASE]] and then go ahead. 
-- Close the Bulkhead
Now, you need to backtrack your steps (if you don't remember the way then read above to know how you need to get to the engine room). Just keep going back and you'll pass the room you took the Cog from and you'll encounter infected fish. Keep going till you get to the Engine Control room where Jill and Parker close the Bulkhead.
-- Head for the Hall
Go thru to the next area and climb the steps. You'll come to the lift now.
After a short cutscene, we are back...
Go thru the vents and you'll end up back in the casino room. There's a [[GREEN HERB]] to the right of the steps. Scan the pic of the girl where you put the coins earlier for a [[MAGNUM AMMO]]. Then go out and take the elevator to the Ball Room -
Before we do anything, let's take a little detour here. Go up the to first floor and up to the second floor using the stairs. On the second floor, go thru the around around the way which leads to an elevator. Takes this elevator down to the area where you switched on the Water Filter earlier.
This time as you go in, you'll see that the egg on the ceiling hatches - kill it and go to the pool.
Jump inside and you'll come to a junction going left and straight. To the left is some [[MAGNUM AMMO]], take it and go to the other side and come up. This place is a treasure trove and it has [[SHOTGUN SHELLS]], [[ILLEGAL CUSTOM PARTS]], 3 [[B.O.W. Decoy]]s, 3 [[HANDGRENADE]]s, [[HANDGUN AMMO]], [[RIFLE AMMO]], [[CUSTOM PARTS]] kit. You are going to need all of these really really soon so take them all and swim back and while swimming back, you'll see another path to the left which leads to a ladder. Go up the ladder and up to the diving board and [[MACHINE GUN AMMO CASE]]. 
Now then, go back to the main hall and go to a Weapons Box first to customize your guns. Now, you aim here is to maximize the power of your most powerful gun So if it's the Rifle then maximize it's power by adding parts.
Now, head to the elevator of the bottom floor where Parker is waiting and go in and wait for it...
-- Repel the Enemy
Shoot it in the face and then the spongy center part when you see it -
Shoot it with your least powerful gun and don't shoot it in a hurry. Just shoot slowly. Keep shooting and after it goes off, you'll come to the upper floor. There's a [[GREEN HERB]] here just as you exit the lift and also a Weapons Box.
Again, now choose the weapons with the most ammo you have and then make the most powerful on among them even more powerful. Pick up the ammo here and go ahead. notice the two cylinders as you enter the area and wonder why they are here...
Now, you'll need to constantly shift between the weapon with the most ammo and the most powerful weapon you have and move to the center of the area and to the left end is a [[CUSTOM PARTS]] kit if you scan it. There are also two [[GREEN HERBS]], on to the center right of the place on a couch and the other far left of the room in the end. There's also ammo and other suff scattered around. Also to the left of the room is a [[Rifle Ammo Case]] -
Now, move to the center and out comes the Elevator Monster... That thing will charge at you and when it does, you best run away from it's path. First, lure it to the two cylinders and blast them and use your most powerful gun on the monster - you can't hit it everywhere on it's body - only on the pad in the center of it's club like hand and the face area and other soft tissue. use all your grenades and everything else at your disposal quickly because you want to kill it as quickly as you can - use your most powerful stuff on it.
After it dies, a ladder comes down to the center right from above -
Once you come up, pick up the most imporotant [[VELTRO KEY CARD]] which is to the left on some large boxes -
Read the book and scan the area here for a [[GREEN HERB]] Go out and continue and you'll come to another [[GREEN HERB]] to the right as you are about to climb the steps. Go up and you'll come to the antenna controls, open the electric lock and arrange the nodes like this -

Then watch the cutscene...

Ep7 - The Regia Solis

Go back down into the room where you fought the monster and then go to the right end where the Weapons Box is and you'll find a [[Machine Gun Ammo Case]] on the couch to the left of it -
Go back to the Ball room now....
-- Head to the Deck
Go back to the main hall area (c'mon don't say you can't remember the way) - use the elevator near the steps going up on the second floor. After you come to the hall, go up the stairs and keep going inside and you'll meet Rachel again. Kill her and she drops [[ILLEGAL CUSTOM PARTS]]. Keep going back to where the Shotgun was and open the locked key card safe outside that room (you discover it when you investigate a picture) -
You'll get [[ILLEGAL CUSTOM PARTS]]. In the lower cabins area, after the hexagonal room is a jey card locked room, go to that one too next -
Inside among some ammo and a node, you'll find the amazing [[PYTHON Magnum]]-
Go back to the lower floor of the Ball room now, where you meet Raymond. Go into the elevator past him and you'll come into the area where you killed the Comms Officer - here you also encounter Hunters. So kill them and go to the other side of the area and go out and you'll come to an elevator, take it to the Deck area. In the room you come to, there's a locked safe where you can pick up - [[ILLEGAL CUSTOM PARTS]] and more stuff. Go outside now and stand near the door and kill all Hunter which come at you. There's a [[GREEN HERB]] near the left door of this cabin. Go to the Helipad outside and start killing hunters. When the stop coming - time to tend to the drone.
-- Open the UAV container
Open the container (there's a [[GREEN HERB]] nearby) and then you'll get news that you need to head to the control room. 
-- Head to the Control Room
The next few minutes, you'll need to follow your mini-map and the yellow dot on it. First go to the right most door here and then you'll have five minutes to get to the room. Now - that time is nearly not enough for anything but running. You'll come across dozens of enemies on your way ahead - if you stop for even a second then you are not going to make it in time so just run ahead trying to dodge - even if you are getting hit and losing health. Use your herbs to re-gain health but do not stop at any moment. Keep going and in the end of the first path is an elevator.
Once you go down you'll come into a room. From where you start, move ahead and jump down to the right -

Look into the mini-map, you need to go to the lane leading out of this area to the left. Go to that door and go thru and keep going - you'll come across two shooters here - jsut throw a grenade and go into the next room. Go to the computer straight across and interact with it to launch the drone...

Ep8 - All on the Line



Ep8.2 - Remote Control Room
-- Make it out of the flood
More water to deal with... Move out this room, into the corridor and then into the large room. If you come out of the corridor, you should be at the bottom-left corner to the room (referring to your mini-map). Dive in here and at the bottom, you are going to find a [[Rocket Launcher]] -
Just take it and then proceed to go to the top right corner of the room where you'll come to a ladder to go up. Go up and right across you on the walktway is a [[Customization Kit]] -
If you go straight then you'll come to the office where you can scan for a Handprint on the window. Pick up the ammo around here and move back out. This time, go to the top right corner (mini-map), you should be able to jump into the water from here. Go inside and at the bottom is a [[MAGNUM AMMO CASE]] (when you go under water, you'll be at the bottom right corner of the area). Go back up the walkway and go down the steps which are to the left of where you found the Customization Kit. Go underwater and then proceed thru the door here -
GO thru the next corridor and you'll come out to a ladder - go up and you'll come across the Trident Metal Door. Ignore that for now and jump back inside the water and go all the wal down to the place where the yellow dot on the mini-map is showin and you'll come to a door -
Go thru it and you'll come into another narrow corridor at the end of which is a door ahead and a path to the left. The door won't open so go left and you'll come into another room, here just above you to the right is [[ILLEGAL CUSTOM PARTS]] -
Go thru the lane to the right in the middle of the water and then thru the door to come into another room -
Go up in this room and you'll come into the large vents, get across the vent and jump in again and go thru the next door -
Then go thru the next one too -
In the next room, on top of one of the tanks here is [[CUSTOM PARTS]] -
Go thru the door to the right top (of your mini-map) and you'll come to a broken window -
You need to go thru it and then the next door, keep going ahead after that towards the yellow dot and you'll end up in the room where you first took the lift. To the top-left corner(mini-map) is a [[GREEN HERB]].
Jump into the water and go down to the bottom for [[CUSTOM PARTS]] -
Go back on the walkway and thru the door here which leads to the broke elevator, you can find a [[GREEN HERB]] inside -
Go back out and climb the vent. Keep going thru the vents till you come out to the Casino again...
Ep8.2 - Mediterranean Sea
You'll have large tentacles ahead of you. Don't hold down your trigger as it'lll overheat the turret and go numb for a while. You don't need to shoot the tentacles when they are going away, just shoot their face and then missiles they throw right at you, when they come towards you then use a grenade in their face.
-- Go to the laboratory
Jump down the opening across the room, go thru the vents and come out to the lift room. Jump into the water here and go to the bottom where a keycard locked door is. Open it and go thru the corrdor till you come into the next area. In the next place, climb out fo the water using the ladder which comes to your right. Jump into the water down the next ladder ahead and go thru the door to the right (this is the same path you took earlier). Go thru the corridor and come out on top to the Trident Marked Metal Door. Go thru the door and you'll come to a biometric scanner locking the door. Go into the room to the right and use the computer to register your fingerprint -
Go back to the locked door and unlock it - if you did not pick up the [[PULSE GRENADE]] just outside this room then take it. Go thru the locked door now and in this room to the right on a rack is a [[B.O.W Decoy]] -
Also, you can scan for Fingerprints on the clothes locker and scan other areas for ammo and [[ILLEGAL CUSTOM PARTS]]. Then go thru the decontamination room and after a bit, something joins you...
This is a shielded zombie - it's left hand is an impenetrable shield. So don't waste your ammo on it. Shoot it's legs or when it shows it's face - shoot the head. But don't waste too much ammo - just use a couple of grenades you have on it to weaken it and then kill it.
Go thru the next door and ahead, to the rigth of the exit you can pick up the [[L.Hawk HANDGUN]] -

Go thru the next area and keep going till you reach your goal...

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