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Top 10 360 quirks the Xbox One needs to fix

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6 - Bring back Netflix party watch!

Netflix Party Watch

With this new, quick, multi-tasking dashboard designed for TV, TV, TV, I really hope Microsoft brings back one of the 360’s coolest retired features. Before the Netflix overhaul, the app allowed a party of online friends to select a movie or TV show and watch it together in sync. This was an amazing way to hang out with online friends, and it even gave long-distance lovers a way to have a proper movie night together. There’s no reason the Xbox One can’t bring that back and then some, allowing friends to synchronize everything from YouTube videos to Facebook photo galleries as well.


7 - Remove situations where you can accidentally buy DLC twice

Season Pass

Season passes are an example of things console developers simply couldn’t have anticipated when the Xbox 360 launched, so I can’t get too mad about the current state of DLC on 360. That said, the fact that I can accidentally buy a season pass and then buy its individual DLC pieces feels really gross. It may seem like user error, but often the purchase screens and download screens don’t really look that different if you’re in a hurry. The Xbox One should take care of you in this regard, and include built-in flexibility for whatever crazy pay schemes publishers will come up with next.


8 - Patch games without kicking me out of an Xbox Party

Title Update

From the sound of it, it seems like both the PS4 and Xbox One will patch games and apps without you ever knowing about it. Hell, the PS4 will start downloading stuff it thinks you might like. Downloading stuff will be a big part of the new consoles, so it should be obvious that it’ll all be happening without a hitch. But just so we’re clear, if I load up an Xbox One game and the day one patch knocks me offline instead of being pre-downloaded, waiting for me when I get the game home, there’s going to be some issues.



Xbox 360 S

The Xbox 360 S -- also known as the one that finally stopped red-ringing -- is a sleek piece of hardware with one really dumb gimmick. The capacitive power and eject buttons are quite possibly two of the dumbest hardware innovations I’ve ever seen on a game console. The whole point of buttons are so they you can activate something and be damn sure you did it. These buttons required nothing more than a light brush of skin, resulting in a nightmare scenario for gamers with small children. Need to reach behind the 360 to move some wires? You’re definitely getting a disc tray in the gut. Please Xbox One, ditch these stupid buttons!


10 - Don't move, Kinect will see you

Kinect sensor

Kinect is really cool technology, and it seems like the next iteration is going to fix most of its flaws. It’ll work better, in smaller rooms, and with more people. It’ll understand hand gestures and 1:1 movements without lag. It’s also totally going to think you want to fast-forward Netflix every time you go to scratch your head or load up Destiny because you said “Destiny is awesome” during a phone call. I don’t see how they fix this one, but one of the biggest problems with Kinect wasn’t failing to register intentional gestures, but wrongly assuming you wanted it to do things when you were just grabbing a second slice of pizza. If the new Kinect can separate everyday actions from intentional gestures, it’ll be very impressive indeed.

What quirks of the 360 would you like to see fixed with Xbox One? Post them in the comments section below!

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