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Top 10 Reddit reactions to yesterday's Xbox One event


Posted by: Tate Steinlage

Aside from the eye-popping hardware and stunning game reveals, the best thing about console events is the Internet's reaction afterwards, especially that of Reddit - a site dedicated to cynicism, taunting and cats. 

That being said, Reddit's users came out of the woodwork yesterday to respond to the Xbox Reveal. There were dozens of hilarious reactions across the board, but only 10 could make our list as the best of the best, so sit back and be prepared to laugh hysterically at these Xbox One Reddit reactions. 


Xbox One

In theory, we weren't that "off" when it came to the idea behind the next-gen Xbox's name. All your entertainment in one place, providing infinite possibilities. However, just glancing at the name only, yeah, we were way, way off. 


Adam Sessler

Um, awkward, Microsoft? Lets be honest, though, did you really think the industry's press were that excited about all that television mumbo jumbo. 


Original Xbox

I'll be honest, my first reaction to this was, "Wow, original Xbox controller, you have not slimmed down!" That and, "Hm, how cool would it be if Xbox One could play Blu-Ray and VHS?"



Perspective, folks. Creepy perspective. 


Xbox One ads

Hm, how is Norway this time of the year? 

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