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Eight game spin-offs inspired by Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

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5) Metal Gear Rising: Chopped

Metal Gear Rising Chopped

Blade Mode comes to the kitchen with Metal Gear Rising: Chopped. Cyber-chefs are served with a variety of intense challenges and must perfect their dishes to please a panel of cyber-judges. Use precision tools and Blade Mode to slice and dice your ingredients, then take on a whole new level of Metal Gear in Chef Mode. Select ingredients, cooking time, and more, then transition into Plating Mode for the finishing touches. Please the judges and you’ll be able to unlock new challenges and chef outfits.

6) BioShock Infinite: Rail Rider Xtreme

Bioshock Infinite Rail Rider Xtreme

BioShock heads to ye olde nickelodeon for a fun day of arcade competition. Master the sky rails in this skill-based score attack game featuring moving targets, hidden challenge rooms, and collectible coins. Send Elizabeth out to retrieve score multipliers all the while racing from one checkpoint to the next for a time bonus. Features online leaderboards and 10 new achievements/trophies.

7) Forza Horizon: #YOLO Edition

Forza Horizon YOLO Edition

After his upsetting loss in the Horizon competition, Darius Flint returns with a vengeful plot to regain his place as champion. Spiking the water supply with powerful hallucinogens, Flint hopes the rest of the racers will be lost in a rainbow kaleidoscope wonderland while he takes the win. What he doesn’t know is that you’ve been celebrating your past win taking Ayahuasca with a group of shamans. Navigate an otherworldly Colorado in this arcade racing experience where dubstep beats deform the track before your very eyes!

8) KirbyLife


Kirby’s adventures take him out of Dreamland and into downtown Detroit. There he’ll have to make difficult choices as he sucks up and assumes the forms of blue collar workers, single mothers, and convenience store owners just trying to get by. The food stamp applications are being processed, but will it be enough to make rent and feed the kids? Not when the evil King Dedede is outside repossessing Kirby’s car!

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