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DmC Devil May Cry Walkthrough | Mission 05 - Virility


Posted by: Mike Splechta

Mission 05 - Virility

In this mission, we're tasked to infiltrate the Virility factory. Virility is the world's most popular soda thanks to its demonic ingredients that help keep humanity in check.

After a few bits of platforming and hook-shotting, we get introduced to the new enemy, the Hell Knight. These guys can be pretty tricky thanks to the fact that they're pretty quick and also have a shield. There are multiple ways you can take care of them however, though the best technique involves the use of the Demonic Pull. This stuns the Hell Knight leaving him open to Dante's devastating attacks.

In this level Dante can also utilize the Friendly Fire Advanced Technique, which allows enemies to damage each other if positioned right.

The last part of the level involved a bunch of heavy enemies that can do some serious damage. The key here is to always keep moving and avoid their charges. Once they charge, that leaves them to an opening which lets you do some decent damage.

Now onto the Succubus.

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