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Anarchy Reigns Video Walkthrough: MAIN Mission Your Favorite Pimp's Pimp


Posted by: Mike Splechta

In the last MAIN mission of the first stage, you'll go up against Baron. Oddly enough, this is the easiest fight from the entire first stage. Baron doesn't really fight that aggressively, at least not in the first half of the stage. Some combo hits with your fists will do the trick as well as some well timed Heavy Chainsaw attacks once Baron's left open. It's always a good idea to have Rampage built up going into this fight if things get a little bit difficult, but Baron is generally quite a pushover.

Once his health reaches a certain point, Baron does power up much like Jack and imbues his attacks with fire. Some of these attacks, like the fire uppercut can be rather deadly if hit by it (See video), but the key to not get hit is to block and dodge.

In the latter part of the mission, you'll have a short time to finish the fight as a giant aircraft is sent hurdling towards the battlefield. Once again, just concentrate on hitting Baron with the Heavy Chainsaw. If you have to, rely on your rampage and spam the attack. Chances are that even if he blocks it, he'll be stunned from the attack, leaving him open to be finished.

Congratulations, that takes care of Stage 1 of Jack's campaign in Anarchy Reigns. Make sure to stay tuned for more walkthrough coverage.

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