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Halo 4 Armor Abilities strategy guide

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Hardlight Shield

Halo 4 Hardlight Shield

The Hardlight Shield is a quick activating riot shield that protects your front side and deflects incoming bullets. It's also a great way to get yourself killed or mildly delay your death. In fact, I'd go as far to say that the Hardlight Shield is some kind of sick joke 343 added to the game for anyone who misses Armor Lock.


  • There aren't many. In a long range battle you can get away and recharge your shields. With a wingman you can potentially be a distraction and absorb some bullets while your buddy cleans up. You can use it quite often and it deflects bullets, but at the end of the day the Hardlight Shield is defined by its...


  • You are simply prolonging your inevitable death in almost all circumstances. Put up the shield and your enemy simply has to wait for it to fade away or shoot you from one of the many exposed areas of your body. They can toss grenades your way and you'll still take damage pretty much no matter what. Even if you wait for them to reload there's enough of a delay after you drop the shield that you aren't gaining a big advantage.

Jet Pack

Halo 4 Jetpack

The Jet Pack is a fun way to blast around and attain greater heights than you normally could. Think of it as the vertical version of the Thruster Pack.


  • There are parts of most maps in Halo 4 that you simply can't reach without the Jet Pack. There are other parts that require a bunch of running around without it. The bottom line is that it's an amazing way to get around and attack from spots most players won't expect.
  • One of the more disorienting ways to attack players is to fly above their head and attack. Not only is it kind of rare to fight enemies above you, but you'll have a nice view of their head for better headshots!


  • The heights you could attain with the Jet Pack in Halo Reach aren't as impressive in Halo 4. It simply doesn't have as much gas. A lot of the map design plays into this, creating heights that even a skilled Jet Pack user can't skip up to.

Active Camouflage

Halo 4 Active Camouflage

A certain type of player simply loves the stealth sniper assassin potential of Active Camouflage. I'm not that type of player, but I'll try to give you a few pointers all the same. Basically, you get an invisibility cloak that keeps you hidden as long as you don't shoot or move too quickly.


  • Active Camo is an extremely sniper-friendly ability. If you're the type of player that likes to perch up somewhere and survey the land, Camo allows you to do this without anyone knowing. Snipe away and your next victim most likely won't even know where you shot from.
  • One of the beneficial additions to Camo in Halo 4 is how it shows up on the motion tracker. In Reach it appeared as a sea of red dots. In Halo 4, however, it appears as a swarm of friendly targets. A smart player can still use this to pinpoint your location, but it's a lot less attention-grabbing than a motion tracker covered in red.
  • Crouching is one way to ensure you stay completely invisible while using Camo. You'll want to learn how to walk with it, though. It takes more skill, but walking allows you to remain invisible but move faster than crouching.


  • This is one Armor Ability that's so specialized that a lot of players simply avoid it entirely. It takes a certain kind of player to appreciate it, but those that do will have some cool advantages.

Regeneration Field

Halo 4 Regeneration Field

It's a big green bubble that heals anyone who steps into it! Pretty straightforward, right? Well, with this one it's all about smart placement and applying it in the right circumstances. Screw up and the benefits can backfire in your face.


  • Well-placed Regeneration Fields can sway a battle. In objective gametypes like Oddball, CTF, and Dominion, groups can use it to win over some territory or protect an objective-carrying teammate. When fighting for bases in Dominion, the team using a Regen Field is almost destined to take the base in the end.


  • What heals you can also heal your enemies. Lose your ground and you may find yourself dying to a fully-healed enemy that survived because you saved him. How embarrassing is that?
  • Also, it's worth noting that the Regen Field makes a horrible sound while you're inside of it. It may heal your Spartan but it's hell on your ears.

There are many more Halo 4 guides coming. Let me know what you'd like to see covered by hitting me up @JoeDonuts on Twitter.

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