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Game Guide: Battlefield 3: Aftermath Crossbow / XBOW tips

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BA Bolt

BA Bolt

How to Unlock: Complete Assignment Two Assignments. "Get 50 kills with sniper rifles / Get 10 headshot kills with sidearm"

If you've been following along then you've hopefully been racking up at least a few sidearm headshots and a sniper kill or two. Now comes the grind. There's really no better way to do this other than picking the Recon class and sniping away. You could pick one of the meat grinder maps like Metro and set up camp somewhere, but I think your best bet is to just take a sniper into your favorite gametype and have fun. You'll hit your target eventually and have more fun doing it.

Using the BA Bolt:

The BA Bolt, or Balanced Bolt, operates like the standard bolt with some stat differences. Designed for long range, it isn't affected by gravity nearly as much as the standard bolt. That makes it perfect for sniping, but the trade-off is in the damage model. The BA Bolt requires a shot to the head or upper chest for a one-hit kill. Shots to the stomach or legs will take multiple shots.

XBOW Scoped

BF3 XBOW Scoped

How to Unlock: "Total of 150 meters headshots with sniper rifles / Total of 150 meters headshots with assault rifles / Total of 150 meters headshots with carbines"

Remember how I said to aim for the head? Hopefully some of your efforts will pay off here. What you need to do is get a TOTAL of 150 meters of headshots with each weapon. So you can get a headshot from 10 meters, one from 40 meters, and one from 100 meters and they'll add up to 150. For sniper rifles, use the Recon class; for assault rifles, use the Assault class; for carbines, use the Engineer. I found the carbine headshots to be especially annoying, since the guns are designed for close quarters, so prepare for a bit of a grind on that one.

Using the XBOW Scoped: 

It adds a huge scope to the top of your rifle. This is all about preference. If you're a sniper at heart, you'll probably want to use this version of the XBOW rather than the stock version. Personally, I like my scopes a little less obstructive.

And there you have it. Everything you need to know for a fully decked out XBOW!

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