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Game Guide: Tips to get the most out of Far Cry 3

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Hunting and upgrading

It won't be long until you realize that you just don't have enough ammo for your SMG, or need a bigger wallet because the max you can carry is a $1000. This is where hunting and crafting comes in. Thankfully, if you listen to my guide, you'll already have a bunch of outposts unlocked and you'll be able to travel to the nearest location of the specific animal you're hunting.

Upgrading your carrying capacity for ammo, loot, syringes, and anything else will require certain animal skins. They're usually not that crazy, as most of the time it's either two or three of a certain type of skin. The challenge comes with getting the tougher animal kills early on. Although limited in range, the shotgun will be your best friend when taking on the deadly predators of the jungle, such as tigers and leopards.

The right loadout

That brings me to what weapons you should carry with you at all times. One of the most important upgrades to craft early on are weapon holsters, as they allow you to carry up to four guns at once.

Again, there is no right or wrong here, but if you're going the stealth route, which again rewards more XP, these guns are absolutely essential. Handgun, SMG, Sniper Rifle and Shotgun, with the bow being the alternative to a shotgun, depending on how adventurous you are.


While there are numerous of these in the game, the initial guns you'll want early on thanks to their silencers are the 6P9 handgun, Skorpion SMG, and the M-700 sniper rifle. The 1887 shotgun will be a safe bet from deadly predators early on, of course until you unlock the much better SPAS or the signature Bull shotgun.

The handgun and sniper rifle are pretty straightforward, since they're both fairly accurate, one short range and the other long range. The SMG is really necessary for the surprise moments, such as an enemy catching you off guard, or a predator sneaking up on you from behind and you don't want to use a shotgun to make too much noise. For hunting however, the sniper and the shotgun (or bow) are a deadly combination.

Don't worry about skill points

This is somewhat misleading and I apologize. You should of course always use skill points to unlock various skills, however don't worry about carefully calculating them. The goal of the game is to become awesome, not specialized, meaning you'll eventually be able to get every single skill point.


However, if you want to get the most out of being stealthy, it's important to put skill points into the Spider skill tree, which focuses on stealth. Jungle Run, Takedown Drag, Running Reload, Expert Swimmer, Horticulture 101, Zoology 101, Look Takedown, Knife Throw Takedown, Nimble Fingers, Quick Swap, Nimble Hands and Ninja Step are all essential to getting the most out of your stealth kills, as well as gathering animal skins and flowers for upgrades and medicine.

Remember that some of them require you to either progress through the story or complete a goal, such as Takedown Drag requires you to first successfully pull off a stealth takedown.

The best thing about Far Cry 3 though, is that you can literally do everything the opposite way of what I've suggested, and still have a hell of a lot of fun.

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