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Top 10 3DS eShop games you may not have played but totally should

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Ketzal’s Corridors

Ketzal's Corridors - 3DS

If you’re looking for a hectic, fast-paced puzzler, you really can’t go wrong with Ketzal’s Corridors. The game features a unique on-rails style that forces players to think fast as they flip and turn different shapes to fit into walls. Ketzal’s Corridors includes nearly 100 different stages and is a true gem for puzzle fans who want something that’s about as frenetic as a high-energy action game. The fact that you can collect trinkets and even perform tricks during levels is a true testament to this title’s distinct take on the puzzle genre.

Dillon’s Rolling Western

Dillon's Rolling Western - 3DS

It’s fitting that this is an article about underappreciated games, because when you think about it, the armadillo is an underappreciated critter. We don’t see these leathery little guys very often, but thankfully, Dillon’s Rolling Western isn’t afraid to star the shelled creature as its main protagonist. By day, you explore a western setting, collect goods, sell trinkets, and so on. By night, you engage in entertaining tower defense gameplay as the titular Dillon. Rolling Western launched following a couple of very successful eShop games, so it’s easy to see how this game could’ve slipped by unnoticed for a lot of people.


Pyramids - 3DS

Remember that underrated NES puzzler Solomon’s Key? Well, an equally underrated eShop game decided to draw a ton of influence from that 8-bit title. Pyramids offers single screen levels that provide a decent challenge at first and quickly grow more complex. It isn’t long before you’re traversing ancient ruins by climbing blocks and avoiding falling rocks or aggressive bats. You have a gun at your disposal, but like any great explorer, you don’t have a lot of ammo, so you need to keep your wits about you. This puzzle platformer’s retro-flavored design and accessible gameplay make it a great title for all kinds of 3DS owners. It’s also the closest we’ll get to a modern Solomon’s Key.

Liberation Maiden

Liberation Maiden - 3DS

Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture are known for playing by their own rules, and Liberation Maiden is another example of that. The game is a 3D aerial shooter, and while it may be short, it packs quite a punch in terms of both entertainment and presentation. Liberation Maiden is just plain fun, and it’s quite lovely, too. You’re likely to blaze through this game in about two hours, but those two hours are filled with gameplay that’s remarkable, polished, and awesome.

Fractured Soul

Fractured Soul - 3DS

Sci-fi themes, unique dual screen features, high challenge, and satisfying gameplay all combine to make Fractured Soul a wonderful gem on the 3DS eShop. The game takes a different approach to 2D platforming, relying on both the top and bottom screens on the 3DS. Different things are happening on both screens, and in order to progress you need to constantly keep track of everything that’s going on. It can be confusing at first, and it’s certainly hectic, but Fractured Soul provides what can only be considered one of the most compelling and satisfying platforming experiences on the 3DS.

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