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We quest, craft and slay monsters in the RaiderZ Open Beta


Posted by: Mike Splechta

If you recall from my earlier post today, RaiderZ has officially entered Open Beta phase, meaning anyone and everyone can sign up, and immediately join others in questing and slaying giant beasts.

We decided to jump right in, create our first character, the lovely Berserker who wields a giant two handed sword and let loose on the initial starting area.

Upon taking our first quest, we slayed a few beasts and came across the first town, which was home to even more quests, shops and crafting stations. After a few more monster slaying on the beach, we were able to not only craft ourselves a brand spanking new Pirate Sword, but also some sweet new armor.

Of course this all led up to taking down our first major boss of the area, a giant hulking monster that uses a pillar as a weapon. The key to success here was to dodge at the most efficient times. Dodge too early or too late, and you'll be hit with any of the monsters devastating attacks. We eventually prevailed over the monster, netting us a pretty sweet reward.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the RaiderZ registration page, download the game, and you'll be able to experience all this and more.

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