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Creating memorable moments at IndieCade 2012

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Being surrounded by people who love fun

IndieCade - 3

Admittedly, when I showed up to Culver City for IndieCade, I was pretty overwhelmed. There were people everywhere, walking around, socializing, and playing games. After I took everything in, I realized I was surrounded by a massive group of people – developers, fans, writers, families – who just wanted to have a good time. That’s really what IndieCade is about, and when you think about it, that’s what video games are about a lot of the time, too. Whether they were playing games in the firehouse, listening in on public panels, purchasing sweet merch, or checking out some physical games, people were there to have fun. These were folks who play games religiously and individuals who hardly or never play games at all, enjoying themselves and having a blast. It was definitely a great ambiance.

Playing Hokra with my sister

IndieCade - 4

Because IndieCade is open to the public, I decided to invite my sister Mary to come along with me. I figured it would be fun, and I thought I’d force her to play a couple of games while we were there. We came across developer Ramiro Corbetta, who had earlier spoken during the inspiration panel and was now showing off Hokra, and we had a nice chat with him. My sister and I also teamed up to play Hokra against a couple of other attendees. We got smoked, but we had a ton of fun the entire time. It was indicative of the inviting atmosphere of IndieCade. Case in point: My sister doesn’t play anything other than Mario Kart about once or twice a year, and she totally dug Hokra.

Finally eating at Tito’s Tacos

I’ve lived in the Los Angeles County my entire life, and I’ve never eaten at Tito’s Tacos, which used to run ads on late-night TV and is considered by many a staple of Culver City. I decided to finally check the place out since it was only a five-minute drive from IndieCade, and I was glad to discover that Tito can make a mean shredded beef burrito. (The dude was actually hustlin’ in the kitchen!) I couldn’t ask for a better way to top off my IndieCade experience. I attended a fun award show, checked out a panel, soaked in the indie gaming vibe, played some great games, and had a tasty burrito to wrap things up.

IndieCade, see ya next year!

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