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10 Wii U games that should be on your radar

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New Super Mario Bros. U

A sequel to the console version of New Super Mario Bros. Wii that released in 2009, NSMB U supports co-op for up to five players and features two new modes: Boost Rush (a coin collect-a-thon where you must survive a continuously scrolling stage) and Challenge Mode (a series of timed trials).

The single player holding the GamePad can form blocks, distract enemies, and find items for teammates. The game releases at launch.

The Wonderful 101

Previously called "Project P-100," The Wonderful 101 is a mass-hero action game that gives players control of superheroes who are able to combine their powers, which happens via use of the GamePad.

Players help innocent citizens and work together to stop an alien threat, morphing into weapons or defensive forms like gelatin to hinder attacks. Among the heroes are Bonzai Man, Vending Machine Man, and Toilet Bowl Man.

The Wonderful 101

Next up ... zombies and tanks, tanks, tanks.

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