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Borderlands 2 complete walkthrough

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Wildlife Preservation

Objective: Find Mordecai in the Preserve
Head to the preserve and before you enter, make sure you are atleast on lvl 19 or you are going to feel really stupid for coming here.... like I did. Do side missions to get your level up for now and come back later. Even if you did not do a single side mission till now and worked hard to get across all the missions - your days of being a maverick stop now. Come back once you are on lvl 19...

The enemies you'll be fighting are Stalkers and Skags. Both come in various levels and with different elemental effects - the Skags which you face are especially dangerous. Anyway, move into the preserve and start blasting and Mordecai helps you to kill some of the Stalkers himself. Go on top of the  mountain path to the left of the marker.
You'll come into Casa de Mordecai. Talk to him and he tells you about Bloodwing. Now, infiltrate the shipping yard Just go down and start blasting like a maniac. There are only loaders in this area and after you take out the first wave, another wave comes in. Use the switch near the door in the end to open the gate and this is when more reinforcements come in. You'll move into the Preserve Dockyard next. There's a Badass Rakk flying around on top of you. Kill it to avoid any confusion later on. Here you will also see a shielded door.
You can open the door by going to the place on top of it. Go from the right and then tuen left in the end and come on top of the place and hit the button you see there to open the field. Go to the next marked location and to the left are more Skag as you fall down along with a Corrosive Badass. You'll be able to find the first SLAG EXPERIMENT NOTES 1 (part of Doctor's Orders mission).
The next are has more Skags and one named as Tumbaa. This one is really tough to kill but keep shooting and it will fall. Kill the rest of the Skags and in the end you will reach a door with a switch, hit it. Go inside and you will be able to pick up SLAG SAMPLE 1 and 2 in this room.
Go out to the next place and you will need to fight a ton of loaders including a Super Badass Loader. Keep your distance from it and take your time killing it The next are is Specimen Maintainance. Go thru and you will see all of the holding cells are closed. Keep looking to your left and you will see a room with more Slag Samples inside. Continue till the end and in the last room to the left you will find SLAG SAMPLE 3. You will also find SLAG EXPERIMENT NOTES 2 here.
As you go ahead you will come into Bloodwing's Enclosure, pick up a feather. Now, be ready... Jack releases all the specimens at once. I suggest you get into your special power mode and start killing things as soon as possible. After you kill everthing go into the room where you saw the Slag Samples. You will need to pass thru it to reach the next area anyway. You will find SLAG SAMPLE 4 and 5 here. Go outside to the next place now and kill all the stalkers. Fall down to where they are and go to the right to the place the water is flowing into. You will find SLAG SAMPLE 6 here.
Now, a long way to the next area where you fight more Skags including a Badass Slag Skag. Kill everything here and also the loaders which are here. Go into the large place and you will find a Experimentation Greeter bot here. You will find a button behind the bot. Hit it to get a couple of guns. Then go inside and in the room to the right and in this area, you will be able to pick up three more Slag Samples.
Use the steps in the end to go up and pull the switch which comes to the left. This will release four chambers where some stalkers are residing. Kill them and look inside the last chamber and you will find the SLAG EXPERIMENTATIO NOTES 4 here.
You will also be able to pick up a LOST ECHO DEVICE in this area. And you will also find the SLAG SAMPLE 10 here. Once you get to the marked location, hit the button to open the door to the Observation Wing. Move inside and see what happens.
Jack has been experimenting on Bloodwing.... You will need to kill it. Whenever Bloodwing tries to attack you, Mordecai tells you what the attack is. Just run or jump away and avoid the attack. Then resume shooting. In the end after Mordecai hits it with the Tranq, just pick up the Claptrap Upgrade -
Get out of this area and back to sanctuary and to Captrap. Install the device and go talk to Roland.

The Once and Future Slab

Objective: Meet the Slab King and Survive his Initiation
Take the note from Roland and head out. Use the fasttravel and you will go past Hunter's Bane. You'll come into Thousand Cuts soon and enter Slab Town. Kill all the bandits you come across and you will cross Broken Face Bridge after a while and then come into the building with the Slab King in it. Go to the left of this building and you can find a Borderlands symbol here which you can discover.
Use the stairs opposite to the closed entrace to get into the Buzzard Factory  where the Slab King awaits you. Go inside the factory and you will need to survive the initiation. All kinds of bandits keep coming after you. It's advised that you go to the left and hide behind the pillars on the way and shoot anyone who comes your way. If you happen to die then do not go inside the factory stay near the entrance and kill from there -
There are a lot of Goliaths inside like the Super Badass Goliath, Ultimate Badass Towering Goliath and finally the GOD-liath.
After killing all of them or most of them, go inside and meet the Slab King. Deliver the note and go behind him. Once you go out you will need to destroy the four targeting beacons to stop the mortars which Jack is shooting. Go behind Brick killing everything in your way and destroy each Beacon after he takes down the shield and then get back to Sanctuary to end this mission.


The Man Who Would Be Jack

Objective: Kill Jack's Double and Pick up double's pocketwatch
You'll need to travel to Oppurtunity. Kill your way thru all the Loaders. Near the place where the mission target is, you will find a LOST ECHO -
You should be able to locate his double around the target area. He can be difficult to spot since he;s really skinny -
He should be easy to kill though. Just do it and pick up the Pocketwatch which completes the first objective of the mission. Now, go to the info kiosk nearby and use it.
Objective: Get more voice samples
You need to get four more voice samples for Angle to be able to reconstruct Jack's voice successfully. You will see the locations of all four kiosks on the map. Just go to each one of them and activate them to get the sample. You can run to the next one after you activate the present one - there's no need to stay there till the recording finishes. Then you need to go to the final point and upload the voice samples to Angel.

Retreive the voice modulator - you'll speack in Jack's voice till the end of the mission now. Get back to Roland.

Where Angles Fear to Tread

This is one long mission... try to get a corrosive weapon if possible since the bots you're gonna face don't really like corrosive.
Objectives: Convince Claptrap to Help and Deactive the barrier
Go to our master Claptrap and talk to it. Fortunately his goals coincide with ours for now. Head to Thousand Cuts and thru the Slab territory. Clappy is waiting for you. Talk to it and it will tell you it's master plan of destruction. Now, you'll reach the Competitor Deterrence Field. Claptrap disables the field for us so just move in.
Objective: Destroy Bunker
You'll fight all sorts of Loaders and other bots here. If you do have a nice corossive weapon then you're in luck. If you also are on lvl 25 or higher then you will have an easy time killing everything. You will also face several Hyperion Soldiers and a Constructor in the end of this path. Destroy any turrets if you come across them. After you blow up the constructor, go to it's left and onto the road to the end.
Avoid the red marks on the ground since they are mortar targeting points. You'll reach a closed gate in the end. Destroy the two turrets on the door and the gate will open for you - revealing a ton of enemies. After you kill them you'll reach the Control Core Supply Depot. A Badass Constructor falls into the battle. This can be really bad if you don't shoot straight now. If you cannot face the constructor directly then go stand outside behind the gates and try to snipe it or use a rocket launcher on it. After you destroy the badass constructor go ahead and towards the target points. Then you will enter the Bunker.
You will see the security door blocking your way to the vault key. To open the door, you will need to destroy the bunker first. Go up on top and destroy the 11 auto cannos which are shooting down the Slab support copters. You will face a ton of resistance here in the form of all kinds of bots. After you take out all the cannons, you'll see what the bunker really is -
BNK3R 00101010
This is going to get messy.... You'll need to destroy that huge flying machine while fending off bots. You ought to go back down to where the vending machines are - then the bunker comes up on your head like this -
If you have a rocket launcher, now's the time to use it. The Bunker keeps moving around so you may need to move. It can take a ton of damage. Kill off all the bots int your way before you take out the bunker and also try to destroy the auto cannons on it so that the slabs can help you. You'll probably spend a lot of time if you are on a lower level. Once you destroy it. The door opens.
Objective: Open the security door and Steal the Vault Key
After you finish off the Bnk3r go thru the door and say the password into the machine. Hit the elevator button to descend into the Control Core and go thru it. Enter the Control Core Angel and go inside, hit the switch to get a look at Angel.
Now then, we finally got to Angel. You'll need to destroy the three Eridium Injectors on top to open the force field -

For each injector you need to open, you will face several waves of enemies which include a special type of bot called the Angel Guard Bots. You will soon get help from your friends. Take the Vault key after you release Angel and talk to Roland to end the mission.

Where Angles Fear to Tread (Part 2)

All you need to do is go back to Sanctuary and meet up with Mordecai.

Toil and Trouble

Objective: Head towards Erifium Blight and to Arid Nexus
Firstly you need to head inside Sawtoothe Cauldron and then Smoking Guano Grotto.
After you come into the Cauldron, you'll see enemies infront of you. You need to be on atleast level 27 to be able to go thru this mission without much trouble. Kill all the bandits and go to the end you will find a LOST ECHO on the way to the right -
Jump down to the Sawtooth Stilts from where you are -
You can enter Smoking Guano Grotto from here.
Objective: Ascend Inferno Tower
You'll need to get to the other end of the Grotto to an elevator which takes you up the tower. There are many enemies inside, including Goliaths. If you don't want to handle all of them by yourself then blast the Goliath's heads so that they an damage a few enemies for you. They way to the other side is tricky You'll also come across the most dreaded Nomad Torturers who have a large shield covering them. You cannot them anywhere but on their feet and possibly the shooting hand. You should fight these guys from a long distance or from  very close to them - within melee range but do this only if you are on a high level. If you are fightitng them from a distance then use a sniper on their uncovered parts. If you are going for the shotgun then you will need to jump around like a maniac to be able to get a shot at them - juse never try to take them on when in mid range.
After you go to the other end of the Grotto, hit the elevator switch. Four Ambush commanders come in with Badass Psychos and Marauders. The commanders are special versions of the Nomad Torturers. You are going to have a hell of a time killing them. Go behind the elevator and shoot them from there they won't come close to you here and you can take cover behind one of the pillars. 
Objective: Destroy the Boombringer
Mortar's isn't coming down and has deactivated the elevator. Brick tells us to destory his favourite buzzard - the Boombringer. Go out of the Grotto onto the Main Street Reservoir. You'll come across a lot of Threshers in the water which you need to cross to get to the main street. Kill them all and enter the street
You'll come across more Goliaths and Nomad Torturers here as you go up the street to the end. Then you'll come into Cramfist's Foundry. Kill everyone here and go up the stairs to the left. You will also come across Buzzards flying above you. Destroy all of them now. After you go up the stairs, shoot the two gun turrets here -
You'll come across a couple more in the end. Hit the button to open the Hangar and shoot the Buzzard. Now get back to the Grotto and to the elevator.
Objective: Kill Mortar
This is optional but what the hell? let's do it anyway. Mortar has a shotgun which he uses to blast you at close range and a mortar thrower at long and mid range. The best way to fight him is to go far away from him and use a sniper to make critical hits. When you see the mortars come out of the gun on his back, run sideways to miss them. Kill Mortar and the nuse the elevator to go up the tower - but try to grab some Rockets if possible.
Objective: Destroy Buzzards
You'll come into the Buzzard's Nest. There are five Buzzard here in the air. Stay near the eleavator entrance itself and destroy the Buzzards from here.
You will be able to see them come in front of you and this is a great place since it offers you a lot of cover too. After you take down the Buzzards, move around and tag the four Odomo Crates.
After the Slag Buzzards steal the four crates, jump of the tower towards where the target icon is and exit back to Eridium Blight -

You will finally be able to enter the Arid Nexus Boneyard. Hit the button near the Catch-A-Ride station to end the mission and start the next one.

Data Mining

TIP: If you have not figured it out yet, then the critical point to hit the loaders and constructers and all other bots is their eye which glows red. But the bots have two other criticcal points - their hands. Shoot them on their shoulders and the hands fall off and this will count as a critical shot and also their guns won't work anymore - they will only rely on the missiles from their eyes.
Objective: Reach Hyperion Info Stockade
NOTE: Before you start this one and the next mission try to acquire three weapons with the following elemental effects - Corrosive, Fire, Shock. Corossive is for all the bots, Fire is to take out enemies with flesh and Shock is for the common shields. Better yet, try to get a corossive Sniper, a Fire Mini Gun or Assault Rifle and a Shock shotgun. If you cannot get the exact guns just get three different ones with the effects.
Objective: Overload the Three Pump Stations
The ideal level to start this mission on is lvl 29. Head to the first location and to the main pipeline. Go up to the pipeline and you will watch the ladder fall off. Now, Mordecai has a plan - he wants you to overload the pipe so that it explodes. You need to get to three pumping stations and turn the valves in them to be able to put pressure on the main pipe. You should expect a ton of bots and Hyperion Soldiers. The first station is open so you can run in and out if you want to but it is suggested that you kill everything so that you can get enough exp for the next mission. After you turn the two valves in the first place, head to the location of the next station.
You need to use an elevator to get down to the second station -
You will see new kinds of enemy loaders attack you now. Take them all out and take your time. Spin the two valves and get back top and to the third station. The third has a lot of resistance. Just kill everything you can from your vehicle if possible and go in and turn the valves. Now, time to get to the pipe. Go to the pipe and you will see a ramp beside it -
Use the ramp to fly up with your vehicle and hit the pipe. Then go up the steps and into the pipe. Go left in the pipe all the way to the other side till you get to the Transmix Regulator Station.
Objective: Reach Hyperion Info Stockade
As soon as you come out of the pipe, look to the left and jump onto the stuff and get to the ladder on the other end of the room. Destroy everything here and enter Arid Nexus - Badlands.
Objective: Use the Info Stockade Elevator.
You will now come to the city of Fyrestone. Also, you will come across a room blocked with shock. The wire on top of the room leads to a place high up and  you need to shoot the fuse from below so that the shock stops -
You will also find a LOST ECHO in the room. Move towards the marked location and you will face a ton of Junk Loaders. Like I mentioned before the mission - shoot off their arms with a sniper from a distance to kill them quickly. Anyway, near the end, you will meet Saturn.
This is when your corossive weapon will work wonders for you. Do not fight Saturn head on, go behind the sheets of wall near the junk yard and fight from there -
After you destroy it, use the elevator to go up and destroy everything on your way up. In the end, you will come to a Constructor, now jump off the bridge to the left and fight the constructor from behind the house in the middle of the area on the ground with a sniper if possible -

Anyway, after you destroy everything, enter the Stockade and access the Data Terminal and after a while, pick up the Warrior Location drive. At this point of time, about a dozen loaders land outside, you can just jump past them and get out of this place if you want to. Get back to Sanctuary and to Mordecai to end this mission.

The Talon of God

Objective: Talk to all your friends
NOTE: Even if you are impatient, try to get to lvl 32 before you start this mission if possible. Lvl 30 is a must anyway.
You can talk to all of the friends you have in Sanctuary. Each of them gives you a item which would be useless but you can sell all of the items and buy a great weapon or shields later. Finally talk to Claptrap and head to Eridium Blight. Go to the closed gate to the right and destroy all the things to open the gate -
Go to Claptrap and talk to it. It will lead you to the main gate where it will try to open the gate. Now, you will need to defend it from all kinds of bots. You will also face turrets which come above you. Go behind the large containers in the center of this area and shoot from there. Enter the gate after it opens and then head into the Hero's Pass. Now keep going and you will enter the Guardian Slag Heap. The next areas have bots infesting the hell out of them so all you will do is shoot.
Objective: Find Jack
After going ahead you will spot another room with shock blocking it, the wire leads to a switch far away to the right from the entrance of the bridge in the end of this place -
You will also meet Brick and Mordecai in the end of this area and they help you out with the bots till the rest of the place. Try to stay far behind Brick so that the Bots concentrate on him and not you. Try to use a sniper. After a long time, you will be seperated from Brick and Mordy and next you will face a Super Badass Loader and a Badass Constructor. I just used a corrosive sniper on them but if you don't have one then just keep hitting them till they fall.
Once you pass them, you will reach the vault area. Use the elevator to get up and to the next area. You will cross vendings machines and then come to the main area of the vault.
Jack has unlimited duplicates of him surrounding the area, but only one is real so take out your shock weapon first and hit Jack. If you spot the real one - who can turn invisible then concentrate your fire on him If you happen to get killed then just shoot one of the many minions to get a second wind. Once you deplete his shield, he calls some bots and fixers. Destroy the bots which come to regenerate his shields first and then take care of him once and for all.

You didn't expect a break did you? Well, if you did then bad luck. The warrior is flesh skinned so if you have a fire weapon then you will have an easier time There are many stone statues around the central area. Try to take cover behind one of them and stay there to avoid the Warrior's Slag and Fire Breath attacks. One alst attack which is very difficult to avoid is the walk attack. The Warrior just walks across the place and if you get walked on then you need to start from the beginning again. You will spend a ton of time killing the  warrior. The Warrior has a weakness - It's chest area -



So whenever you can, just keep aiming at it's chest. The Gunzerker is the best class here - two mini guns will bring down the warrior in no time at all. Also, keep listening to Lilith and Jack as they tell you what the Warrior is going to do next. One last hindrance is from the Crystalisks which come up occasionally. Kill them as soon as you can so that you can concentrate on the warrior. And when you hear Jack ask the Warrior to Crush you, it will either walk over you or stomp you - either case, if you fall into the lava the you are going to be in a world of hurt. Keep shooting the warrior and after you bring it down hit the moonbeam button to bring down a last bomb of destruction.
Shoot Jack after that to finally end all of this and then meet up with Lilith, Mordecai and Brick.


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