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Top 10 anime and manga series based on video games

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Devil May Cry (Anime)


Dante's anime adventures are an interesting beast as they find Dante setting out on various adventures you wouldn't normally see him tackling in-game, but that's what makes the MADHOUSE-produced anime so gripping. Dante takes up jobs as a bodyguard, frequents a local diner, and meets up with suspicious characters on the regular, including one who insists he ran with Dante as a small child. Dante's mercenary work is spotlighted in each serial, and though it's hard to say whether or not these episodes are considered canon for the Devil May Cry universe, it's an interesting alternate look at a familiar series.

Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu (Manga)


Otherwise known as the Pokemon manga series most of us remember as the first one available in America during the Pokemon craze, this four-volume series followed Satoshi (Ash) on his journey to become a Pokemon Master throughout some decidedly adorable situations, many of which include Clefairies in space, seeing Shigeru (Gary) traveling with Satoshi at the beginning of the tale, and it rocked a completely different vibe than the anime series or games -- for that reason, it's worth checking out if you like a healthy mix of shonen and shoujo action in your manga.

Xenosaga: The Animation (Anime)


If you haven't the time to rush through the excellent Xenosaga RPG trilogy, the anime series can rush you through the first game's overall plot in its first few episodes, getting viewers up to speed with the greatest of ease and putting things in perspective. It follows the games quite closely save for a few specifically rewritten scenes here and there, and ADV's dub is surprisingly competent.

Viewtiful Joe (Anime)


If the game itself weren't completely over-the-top and insane, the anime series more than makes up for that. Joe busts out the "Henshin-a-go-go, baby!" across a whopping 51 episodes. The subbed version is of course preferable to the English dub riddled with Joe's "witticisms," but following the adventures that unfold in the actual games themselves is the main draw here, especially if your main reason for picking up the games themselves were their frenetic nature and reference to "sentai" media.

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