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Top 10 glitches in video games

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A Skyrim player noticed a creature flying around and naturally assumed it was a dragon. Assuming it was a dragon, he found, to his amazement, a flying horse.


Sliding down to Carlos Tevez to retrieve the ball, this FIFA 12 player sees Arsenal defender Johan Djourou suddenly executing a double flying kick.


A giant approaches a Skyrim character and then smashes his weapon down on her, consequently leading to her being launched high into the sky and then coming crashing down. She, amazingly, didn’t die.


Shooting RPGs into tank, the vehicle launches into the air, but as it crashes down onto the water, it bounces straight back up and continues to do so over and over.


Red Dead Redemption is a game that’s riddled with glitches. This glitch in particular sees a woman acting as a donkey acting as a horse. The player tries the glitch out and it’s clear that the lady can function fully as a horse and she even features a horse’s mouth.

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