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Wii U: Hands-on with ZombiU, Pikmin, Project P-100, and more!

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Project P-100

Hideki Kamiya is no stranger when it comes to action games and it should come to no one’s surprise that Project P-100 plays great. Using a unique premise of heroes, the player controls a group of random heroes to save a town. Although my time with the game was quite short, I had no shortage of words to describe this unique game.

The player controls a group of heroes and can choose to pull off team moves and unison attacks. While team moves are normal attacks and build battery, unison attacks are stronger and requires battery. It’s a mix of trying to manage how many normal attacks you should use and how often you should use unison attacks. It’s a pretty cool risk and reward idea. Additionally you can dodge and block using your group of heroes. Your group jumps around like a crazy mob and can employ some crazy, neat tricks. While I couldn’t get in-depth into the combat, it has the potential to match the developer’s pedigree.


The visuals are absolutely amazing with a cartoonish 3-D feel. The heroes all have that element of oddity but at the same time looking somewhat heroically outlandish. Think of a more comical Avengers – if that’s even possible. Bosses are even more outrageous as one in particular is the size of a humongous building. Needless to say, this game is pretty rad and one to look out for.

Nintendo Land

Acting as the party and group game of the bunch, Nintendo Land tries to be a bundle of various mini-games that players can mess with and have fun. While it was impossible to try out all the mini-games available at the time, as it was clear that some of the mini-games were locked out for this build, I was able to get my hands on three. 

The first game was a Pacman-like variation of Luigi’s mansion, and the same game which was showed off during the E3 press briefing. Getting a total of five players involved, four with the Wiimote and one with the Wii U controller, it was a pretty unique experience. Four players would roam around the map in an overhead perspective and would have to defeat the fifth player, the ghost, using their flashlight. The kicker is that the ghost is invisible while the fifth player can see everyone on the map using the dedicated screen on the Wii U controller. To keep things fair no one looked over the fifth player’s shoulder to cheat. It was very interesting and difficult as we all struggled to communicate and stick together. 


Often times we would get caught by the ghost and once all players are captured, the four players would lose. However, once you’re caught, your teammates can revive you by shining the flashlight on you. But this means that you’re open to attack by the ghost since you’re focused on reviving. Teamwork is essential as it keeps not only you alive, but your teammates as well.

A variation of cat and mouse featuring Animal Crossing was the second game I delved into and it was just as fun as the previous one. The Animal Crossing game also featured five players and the two teams were divided exactly like the Luigi’s Mansion game. There would be numerous trees on the map with button panels. The four players on one team must hold down these panels for a certain amount of time to make candies drop, which they must collect to win the game. However, the trade-off is that the more candies you collect the slower you run. This is critical as the fifth player is hunting you down and the moment he/she catches you, your candy deposit is lost. Additionally you lose one of the three lives that your team has. Thankfully you have the option to drop candy as you run so you can run faster. This gives the player to think whether they should just abandon the candy and run or be greedy and hopefully roam in a way that won’t get him/her caught. 


The controls were simple for the four players controlling the Wiimote but the fifth player using the Wii U GamePad doesn't have it as easy. Using the screen on the controller, the fifth player takes control of two hunters, one with each control stick on the controller. It’s a bit hard to manage both in this fashion so it gives leniency and somewhat balance to the game. 


The final game was one of the more difficult games of the selection: Zelda. Three players would journey in an on-rails fashion as they make for one of the dungeons. While the premise is pretty boring, the gameplay is solid. Two players would use the Wii remote and control a sword to defeat enemies, very much like Skyward Sword, while the last player would use the Wii U GamePad to handle a bow. The Wii U GamePad’s gyroscope and motion capabilities allows the player to aim their bow by moving the controller. Unlike the other two games I played, this one focuses more on teamwork and co-operating together. The two swordsmen would be in the front protecting the archer with their sword and shield while the archer would give support from the back. This mini-game isn’t a pushover either as the enemies that block your way can definitely give you a bit of a challenge. Just like Skyward Sword, they will block certain areas of their body and mix it up quite often giving you a bit of trouble. It was definitely enjoyable to have something more difficult in Nintendo Land

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