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Ten third-party characters that should be in the next Super Smash Bros.

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Ivy (Soulcalibur series)


This pick was originally going to be Heihachi Mishima of Tekken fame, but that's too predictable. Plus, that dude's already in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Besides, Ivy is certainly well-equipped to bring the fight to Smash Bros. With her deadly whip in hand and her incredible acrobatic abilities, she'd be able to take down any character on the roster, be it a hulking behemoth like Donkey Kong or a speedy brawler like Captain Falcon. Also, it'd be really intriguing to see Nintendo have some jiggle physics in one of its games.

Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog series)


Mario and Bowser. Kirby and King Dedede. Link and Ganondorf. These epic rivalries have transcended gaming, and they've even transcended Smash Bros., with the inclusion of these awesome protagonists and their respective antagonists. If Sonic returns to the fray in the Wii U rendition of Smash Bros., it'll be great to see Eggman make his debut in the series. A technological genius, there's no doubt that Eggman would bring some heavy artillery to the game. Maybe he'd even get to finally defeat Sonic. Besides, Dedede is getting lonely being the only morbidly obese character on the roster.

The Prince (Katamari Damacy series)

The Prince

Smash Bros. for Wii U needs a good underdog. It also needs a good offbeat addition to its roster. In Brawl, Olimar was that quirky newcomer. Katamary Damacy's Prince could very well take on that role in the upcoming Wii U fighter. What exactly would he do? I have no idea, but that's what makes him such an awesome character. Besides, Katamari Damacy is one of Namco Bandai's most unique franchises to come along in recent memory, so some representation in Smash Bros. would definitely be well-deserved.

Mega Man (Mega Man series)

Mega Man

Mega Man was at one point a staple of the Nintendo name. NES gamers everywhere cherished the series, which went on to become a beloved part of video game history. A lot of folks would love to see the Blue Bomber make a triumphant return to a Nintendo console, and a grand debut as part of the Smash Bros. roster would certainly be fitting. It's hard to think of another third-party character that deserves to be included in Smash Bros. more than Mega Man. If he does make it to the roster, we can have an epic clash between Mega Man and Samus Aran. Yup, that would be so awesome!

Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes series)

Travis Touchdown

When the first No More Heroes launched on the Wii back in 2007, it provided a hilarious, bloody, and sexy M-rated experience on the Big N's shiny console. A sequel launched shortly after, and it once again delivered some much-needed violence to the platform. Because of that, No More Heroes is easily one of the most important and memorable games to come along on a Nintendo platform, and its protagonist, Travis Touchdown, can be considered an icon. An absurd otaku, Travis hacked and slashed his way through hundreds of enemies and assassins using just his dimwitted charm and a beam katana he won in an online auction. He's probably running low on money again, so maybe he can make some extra cash by participating in a few Smash Bros. tournaments.

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