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Top 10 WWE '13 dream matches

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Sheamus vs. The British Bulldog

Sheamus vs. British Bulldog

While it would definitely be cool to see an all-out UK brawl between the British Bulldog and Wade Barrett, Dublin's Sheamus has proven to be one of the company's toughest European wrestlers. Sheamus has a heavy-hitting, no-nonsense brawling style, but he's also got some powerful throws in his arsenal. Would Sheamus' powerslams be able to match that of the British Bulldog's? Would the Celtic Warrior be able to overpower Davey Boy Smith? Throw in the World Heavyweight Championship and you've got one hell of a battle between two of Europe's finest.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Y2J Chris Jericho

Ziggler vs. Y2J

At SummerSlam, we were treated to an impressive opening match between the "Show Off" Dolph Ziggler and the newly revitalized Chris Jericho. But what if we went back about a decade or so to when Jericho first hit the scene in WWE? Back then, Y2J was a cocky, brash young star with a funny hairstyle who wanted nothing more than to be a champion. Of course, cocky, brash, and funny hair can all be used to describe Ziggler, as well. And while SummerSlam's opener was certainly a memorable match, Ziggler was fighting a more mature, more worldly version of Y2J. The Show Off ultimately tapped out to the Walls of Jericho, but what would be the outcome if Ziggler was taking on a younger Jericho?

Alberto Del Rio vs. Eddie Guerrero

Del Rio vs. Guerrero

Alberto Del Rio is a pompous Mexican socialite who likes to flaunt his fancy cars and even has his own ring announcer. The late, great Eddie Guerrero, on the other hand, was a hilarious Mexican dude who was down-to-earth ... and liked to flaunt his lowriders. When Guerrero won the WWE Championship in 2004, he opened doors for a lot of wrestlers who weren't the "traditional" mold — he opened doors for Latin American wrestlers everywhere, but more importantly, he proved that you didn't have to be a 6'6 270-pound beast to be a true heavyweight. In essence, Guerrero paved the way for guys like Del Rio, so even though both wrestlers play a very different role, it would be interesting seeing the two duke it out. Maybe we could even make that match for the WWE Championship.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bret Hart

Bryan vs. Hart

Submission wrestling truly is an art, and when you've got a guy like Daniel Bryan who knows countless holds, it doesn't really matter that he's not the biggest guy on the roster. Back in the day, Bret "The Hitman" Hart played a similar role. He wasn't a hulking giant of a wrestler, but he knew his way around the ring, and once he locked in his deadly Sharpshooter, the match was pretty much over. It would be great to see one of the most iconic wrestlers of the '80s and '90s take on a young submission expert who may very well be one of the most remembered WWE Superstars someday. The No Lock vs. the Sharpshooter: Who ya got?

CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Punk vs. Austin

When CM Punk delivered his iconic verbal pipe bomb last summer, he started up a buzz in professional wrestling that was reminiscent of the Attitude Era. Punk's anti-establishment attitude painted a bullseye on his chest, and the corporate office of WWE was ready to pick him off. But just like Stone Cold Steve Austin stood up to the boss back in the 1990's, so too did Punk. In the past, Punk and Austin have teased an epic encounter, and there seems to be an interesting on-and-off feud going on between the two across Twitter. If Austin ever decides to don his ring gear again, a match with Punk would be amazing. In the meantime, we'll just have to imagine what could happen and let it play out in WWE '13.

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