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Darksiders II video walkthough | Dungeon Guide: The Drenchfort


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Death is out to clear his brother's name and restore order to the realm by resurrecting humanity. To do this, he'll have to smash his way through legions of boss battles, uncover a variety of secrets, and try his best to keep his skull mask from getting dirty. Vito Gesualdi helps you get it done in this video walkthrough!

Dungeon Guide: The Drenchfort

This water dungeon is filled with some devious puzzles, secret treasures and plenty of monsters to fight. Hopefully this short dungeon guide will help you on your journey.
Topics covered:
  • How to solve the Drenchfort ball puzzles.
  • How to move the elevator in the Drenchfort.
  • Destroying yellow barriers in Darksiders 2.
  • Where to find the Drenchfort subboss.
  • Where to find the Drenchfort dungeon map.
  • Where to find the Stone of Mystics in the Drenchfort
  • Where to find the secret treasure chest (rare) in the Drenchfort.
  • Unlocking reaper mode in Darksiders II
  • How to find the Karkinos boss

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