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Meet the fighters of Persona 4 Arena

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A returning cast member from Persona 3, Aigis is an android with compassion, an anti-shadow weapon created by the Kirijo Group.

Like other characters, her appearance has changed slightly for Persona 4 Arena. Instead of her traditional red ribbon, worn around her neck, she now dons a long red tie and is equipped with new advanced weaponry. Other small alterations have been made to her regular costume.

She relies on heavy firearms for combat, and her Persona is Athena, modeled after the Greek goddess of wisdom.


Elizabeth (the “lethal elevator attendant”) is a resident of the Velvet Room and assistant to Igor, its proprietor, who has remained in the series since its inception in 1996. Elizabeth appears in Persona 4 Arena’s TV world on her own accord, pursuing a personal quest.

Her main weapon is a book, and her Persona is Thanatos, who symbolizes death and mortality.

She’s a character in Persona 3 and is mentioned in 4.

Labrys and Shadow Labrys are up next ...

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