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Seven things that could have made 'The Dark Knight Rises' better

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Bane should have invaded Wayne Manor

I will say that the one scene in the movie that I greatly enjoyed was the first big fight between Batman and Bane, where the music all cut out, Bane just beats the sh*t out of him, culminating in the moment that made every Batman fan wet himself, when Bane snapped Batman over his knee just like in the comics.  That scene was really good.  But it could have been even better.


Think about Wayne Manor, and more specifically the Batcave, at that point in the film.  Alfred has left, (and another thing: how are you going to get rid of Michael Caine twenty five minutes into the movie?!?! But I digress.) and Bruce is left all alone in his big mansion and dark cave.  He’s not Batman, and his father figure is gone, which means that Wayne Manor is now a place of discomfort and uncertainty.  We’re shown at the beginning of the fight that Bane knows that Batman is Bruce (seriously, everyone knows it in this movie), so why not bring the terror to where Bruce lives?

Just imagine it.  The doorbell rings, and Bruce expects Alfred to get it, before remembering that he’s not there.  He opens the door, and there’s Bane and his goons.  “Hello Mister Wayne.  Or should I say... Batman?”  A chase ensues, ending up in the Batcave.  Maybe Bruce struggles to get his suit on while Bane beats the crap out of him, or maybe there’s some messed up scene where Bane, like, forces him to put the armor on.  And then, in his sanctuary, in his place of solitude and safety, Bane breaks him.  Tell me you don’t want to see that scene. (Liar!)

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