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Seven things that could have made 'The Dark Knight Rises' better

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The return of Batman needed to be a bigger deal

At the start of The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne has not been Batman for eight years.  The city still believes that he murdered Harvey Dent, and he’s spent the past three years cooped up in Wayne Manor, limping around on a cane for some reason or another.  The Bruce Wayne we’re presented with at the beginning of the film is a broken man.  Without Rachel, the love that he lost to the Joker’s explosives in The Dark Knight, he’s lost his drive.  It doesn’t help that the Dent Act has essentially eliminated organized crime.


I’m just going to say this:  eight years is a long time.  If that much time has passed without Bruce putting on the suit, it needs to be a big decision when he decides to put it back on.  The cards need to be stacked against Gotham so badly that he is ultimately left with no choice but to stop feeling sorry for himself and be The Goddamn Batman.  Instead, the way it’s presented in the film, Joseph Gordon Levit comes to him, says ‘I know your Batman,’ (also, everyone seems to freakin’ know that he’s Batman in this movie) and asks him nicely to come back, and so he does and has a car chase, etc.

The moment where Batman returns ultimately carries no wait in the film.  It doesn’t carry weight in the third act because we already saw him do a car chase as Batman earlier in the film, and it’s not played like a big moment.  The triumphant return of Batman should have occurred at the beginning of the film’s third act, when Gotham is in dire trouble and nothing can save it but the Batman.  You know, when the stakes are high.  The return of Batman after eight years needs to be a ‘HOLY SHIT’ moment, and it just wasn’t.

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