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Prototype 2 Complete Walkthrough

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Enemies and Allies

This mission can get a wee bit agitating. Stay in the commander's disguise and get to the point. You will learn that the mutants are coming in from the Red Zone and the area is too active to conduct a meeting. So, you are asked to get into the APC ahead and use it to kill the enemies who are marked on the map. While you are at it, just run over 60 infected (there are hundreds just walking in the middle of the roads around). Use the rockets to take out the enemies quicker. Brawlers, Juggernauts and others come out of nowhere and you will need to kill them from inside this ill controlled APC. After you manage to kill everything, go back to the point and move in to start the meeting. But what's that? two Hydras come out of nowhere. Target them with R and move forward and backwards in a bit to dodge their throws and use your missiles. If you want to consume them, you can do that too but bring their health very very low and hold E to get out of the APC and get them and come back. After the Hydras are dead you are called back to camp fpr the briefing/

Operation: Keyhole

If you go near the Blacknet terminal you will find a SGT Emery McDonald who is just outside of this place so consume him to gain direct access to the terminal. You will start a Stronghold mission now. Infiltrate the place where the four tanks are being held. Enter a tank and then destroy one of the others to get a bonus. Take out the rest of tanks and exit this area.
The next soldier (if you find and consume him) and then next terminal lead you to a cargo pickup mission. This is a bit more challenging than the last one but nothing that takes more than one try.


A Stranger Among Us

Whose the stranger? we'll know soon...Get to the location in disguise and consume the DNA. Soon you will be asked to follow a team to clear out mutants so that the VIPs can be escorted. Pick up the biggest weapon around and start killing. If the enemies get too close just dodge them. A fully dialogue takes place when you pick up a TOW launcher for the first time. It's very important to target and kill the mutants as soon as they appear since more may come out from behind. You will also get a bonus if you can kill 3 infected with one shot - you obviously need to use an explosive weapon for this. Wait for a group of mutants to come together and kill them.
After you are done wiping the mutants you will get to the guards guarding the VIPs. You can do a direct attack since stealth won't help here anyway. After you find out who Roland is see what happens.


The While Light

First go to the Blackwatch base and consume the Commander...Oops
Immediately target him and start following him. Try to pounce onto him - while he is target locked, jump up while sprinting and hold the Claw button so that Heller pounces onto him. This will take Heller really close to Gallager. After you get to him, he jump into a helicopter.
Jump close to the copter and hit E to jump onto it. Then continuously left click till you pull out the Rocket Pod.
Target the copter and use the rocket pod to destroy it to get a bonus. After the copter falls he comes out and starts to attack you. Use your pounce attack continuously or stay on the ground and use the shield and other melee attacks to take him down. After you consume him, you get the Blades.
You can select this from the power wheel. If you hold the click then you will be able to do a whirlwind attack which you will do when a group of soldiers come at you next. Exit the alert to end the mission.

Blacknet Op 6

Operation Red Glacier

After taking the info from Blacknet, go to the monster site and release the Brawlers. Kill and consume them to level up your Tendrils. They run pretty fast so it would help to target and pounce to get close to them.
The second part is a Suppression mission. There are some APCs with new technology which allows them to scan biomass to track you down. You will get a bonus if you manage to use your Devastator power to destroy one of them. To destroy the APCs with the move, you have to make sure that their health is below half and also that you are close to the APC. After you destroy two, weaponize yourself since after the third is destroyed, some copters with more scanners come in. Destroy the choppers to gain a point in the offensive category.


This involves three different kinds of missions. The first is a Suppression where you come across the usuall group of three copters at once. Destroy them and head to the next mission. The second one involves cargo delivery and is much easier than the last two deliveries. The final mission is Stronghold where you need to infiltrate a base to get to a certain Dr. Fischer. Go to the base and you will see all kinds of battle going on outside. Consume the DNA guy nearby and enter the facility. Inside, you will have to deal with two Brawlers - there are some Rocket Launchers nearby if you want them. After you take them out, the doctor runs out unwittingly and you get to eat him up. Kill everyone else inside the facility and then exit in your disguise.


A Nest of Vipers

Go to the shown location and you see Roland go into the nest below. A Hydra comes out of the nest and you need to kill it to gain access inside. Do what you have to and destroy it, go into the nest and Roland sends a few Brawlers and a Juggernaut after you. If you consume the Juggernaut, you will gain the Hammerfist.
The hammerfist is a very powerful form - especially if you intend to strike down from the air. It can be used like the claw lunge attack - just target and hold the click for a hammer pound.
Kill 30 mutants who are around this place to get a bonus and move out of the nest to where Roland escaped. Once outside, equip your hammerfist and after the tutorial, you will face Roland directly. Target him and let him have it. Obviously, he is the toughest opponent till now but not very hard. Pursue the tanks and destroy them with the hammerfist to make him come out and gain a bonus.
After he comes out, it's one on one rage all the way. After you consume Roland, you get an upgrade to your shiield which gives it spikes.
The spiked shiled hurts any opponent who comes in to melee you in addition to protecting you.


Taking the Castle

To continue in this mission you will have to be disguised in Blackwatch uniform. So, look around for the soldiers in the Black uniform and consume them. Then head to the point and listen. Next stop is the Gentek R&D building. Consume all the marked enemies who are on top of the building and then onto some tank hunting.
Try to hijack one of the tanks and use it to destroy the others - this makes things very fast and easy - also a bonus if you use a tank to destroy another. After Riley's comes out (after you destroy a certain tank), you can conusme him to get a lot of useful information. Get away from the alert area to end the mission.


Operation Vivid Future

Get to where the guy is whom you need to consume and he turns out to be a mutant. Kill him and consume him and you will start the mission. This cargo delivery is a bit different in the sense that tons of enemies are constatnly after you all the time. So you will need to collect all packages while under heavy fire. This can get difficult if you do not have sufficient speed and jump upgrades.
The second mission is Gentek Support. Get to the group of scietists and consume all of them and you will get nothing significant out of it. Move to the next place and start consuming the guys here and they turn out to be more friends. You will fight three evolved at the same time so be very careful and you can get a bonus if you manage to kill all of them within 90 secs. This is not too difficult and you just need to keep going at the enemies to get it - target them and fight to make the aiming faster. You will need to consume the main scientist and kill the other two to end this.

A Maze of Blood

By the end of this mission you will have seen more blood than in the last five missions. We need to track Dr. Gutierrez with the pulse. Reach him and see what happens - jump down and fight the evolved here. After you consume him, you unlcok the -
The Bio-Bomb allows you to convert all infected and humans into bombs. To do that, just grab them with E and hit X to convert them into a bomb. After you have the bomb, you can throw it in the middle of a large group of enemies to take the lot of them out with the bomb.
The next stop is a base. Get there and move behind the commander in the base and make him into a bomb. Wait for him to explode and Archer's contact shows himself. You can get a bonus here if you damage the Evolved with one of your bio-bombs. Kill the evolved and consume him to get the next location. You will find Gutierrez there.
As soon as you come to Gutierrez, he calls on two of his friends and it's 3 times the fun. Try to target one at a time and take them out. Your hammerhead can do splash damage so use it well. Try to consume them since you can get some points out of it. If you are being overwhelmed by the three then you can also run for a bit and turn back and make your hit and continue running and so on. The devastator works great here too, after your meter is full - run away for a bit and hit the V button to start the attack and by the time you can do the attack, the enemies get close to you.


Alpha Wolf

Head on to Archer's facility and consume the scientist raoming about outside. After you are in the facility, you will be given a new task of destroying all the toxic gas containers. If you manage to stealth bomb atleast twice then you get a bonus. It would appear though that everyone is being looked at and stealth is not possible, but there's a single soldier standing on the stairs. Stealth bomb him and the others run towards him. Now, go down and stealth bomb the next and destroy all the containers. Archers shows up and she is one fiesty woman.
Start ripping her up and in the middle of the fight, she calls on some Brawlers to take you on and it also seems that she is controlling the Brawlers. How'd she do that? well, kill the Brawlers first - you cannot hurt her till the Brawlers are dead so kill them and get back to her. She calls in more after you take her health down more and this time there are three of those things. Just keep moving and try not to stand and melee each one - use your shield properly if you do want to melee all of them. When Archer comes back, just kill her and the rest of the pups and consume Archer which gives you the power of an Alpha Brawler.
If you hold down the B button, you will summon a pack of two Brawlers (increases as you level up the ability). To make them attack a vertain target just target using R and then hit C to command them to go after the target. To get rid of the Brawlers hold B and they explode.


Fall From Grace

Reach the location of the tampered Whitelight container. Heller makes the soldiers release the gas, then see what happens. You will soon have three evolved right infront of you trying to kill you. If your mass bar is not full then get it full and summon your puppies. This will give you a bonus. After you kill the three guys over here Mercer shows up.
The next part of the fight is against Goliath. You will know why it's called that as soon as you see it. This creature can deal massive amounts of damage. The best possible way to deal with it is to target it and throw bio-bombs or cars and containers from a distance. Also, you will need to keep moving about at all times to avios being hit. After you get it's health down a bit, the creatures leg shows and you get an automatic target on it. You should take out the leg as soon as possible and you can do this by using the claws and holding the click to get the more powerful claw attack. After you take out the leg, continue the fight and you will need to tear out another limb before finally going for the head.
After you defeat the Golath, you get an upgrade on your powers. You will now need to get back to Father Guerra as soon as possible to rescue him.


The Descent

Just go to the location of the heli-pad and consume the pilot. If you are in alert, then just go out of the alert zone and come back. Go into the copter and you will see yourself in the Red Zone.

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