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Amazing Spider-Man video walkthough | How to beat Spider-Slayer


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Alistare's Spider-Slayer robots are rampaging through the city, looking for Spider-Man. Time to take down these advanced Hunter robots. 

How to defeat the Spider-Slayer (Boss Fight)

Like the previous Hunter robot battles, keep on web slinging through the city to keep away from the laser attacks. Use Spidey's web shoot ability to slow down the Hunters, then use Web Rush to deliver a crushing blow. If the Web Rush prompt is on screen but you cant find a target, use the thumbstick to find a Hunter in range and let loose. If possible, focus on one Slayer at a time, with the forth hit deactivating the hunter (press the action button!)
The most troublesome attack the Slayer's have is the electric sphere, so stay out of the radius of this attack before it triggers. Use web swinging to get out of range, or Web Rush if you're really low on time. Keep up the attacks and don't get hit by the electric spheres, and you should be able to take down this boss battle!

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