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Amazing Spider-Man video walkthough | How to beat Scorpion (Oscorp Tower)


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Just when it seems we're finished with the Oscorp Tower, Scorpion appears! Luckily, we've got the scoop on how to take down this deadly cross-species.

How to defeat Scorpion

Scorpion has a few different moves, but can easily be taken down by players who know when to dodge, and know when to go for the kill. If you see Spidey's spider-sense tingling, quickly tap the dodge button to get out of the way of Scorpion's attacks. A white spidey-sense means a tail whip is coming, which is easy to dodge, while a red spider-sense means a ground slam is coming, and you may want to roll away or use web-escape to get away from this. If you're ever too far from the action, try launching in with web rush and starting a punch combo from there. If the multiple dodge prompt comes up on the screen, mash away on the dodge button, then go in for a few hits. Occassionally, Scorpion will try to cover the ground in his acid tail goo. Use web escape to take to the walls, then use web rush to get back in for another combo.
After pounding on Scorpion for awhile, Spidey will eventually gain the upper hand and take this baddie down to the ground. Congratulations on another bad guy put away, for now...

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