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Five reasons why we need Battlefield: Bad Company 3 before Battlefield 4

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Action Just Feels a Slight Bit Better

Battlefield Bad Company 2

In all honesty, after spending a good couple of hours with each game’s vehicle, I really think that driving a tank in Bad Company 2 is a lot less stressful than trying to maneuver one in Battlefield 3.  Maybe it’s the third-person camera and the way it’s set, maybe it’s the controls.  But either way, it just feels better overall.  Same could be said for on-foot combat.  With Bad Company, you could rush around and put players in your sights.  But with the barrage of enemies barreling down on you in Battlefield 3, it was more lifelike…and much trickier.  Some folks may prefer it that way, but give me the genuine comfort of a first-person shooter that gives you more of a fighting chance, and less of a “jeez, I died again?!” scenario.

The Golf Cart

battlefield bad company golf cart

Yes, in the original Bad Company, you can ride around in a golf cart.  That’s definitely a cool factor compared to riding around in the passenger seat of a jet and merely aiming at enemies alongside you.  A small factor, but for fans of the series, a significant one.

Bonus: Multiplayer?

Multiplayer may also be a factor for some folks, depending on the offered mode, but considering there’s more players hooked on Battlefield 3 these days than Bad Company 2, it wasn’t so much of a factor.  Still, Bad Company 3 could easily incorporate new multiplayer goods, as well as stuff that could tie in with Battlefield 3’s stats.  Make it happen, DICE!

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