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Five iconic video game items that should never be made into replicas

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1. Kratos’s Blades of Chaos from God of War

These things are huge, these things are sharp, and oh yeah, they’re linked together by a metallic chain that seems to exist purely for you to accidentally strangle yourself to death with it. Seriously, unless, you’re quietly looking at them from across the room, I can’t think of one way you could interact with something like this without putting yourself or someone nearby in harm’s inescapable way.

Kratos, you don't look so good...

Swinging ‘em around? You might accidentally loop them around your neck and literally choke yourself while simultaneously braining someone with the centrifugal force of a heavy metal blade on the end of a swinging chain. Pretending to wield them in battle? Hope you don’t accidentally step on the chain and tangle your nuts up with two blunt-edged pointy chunks of metal. Playing jumprope with them? First of all, don’t, cause, just use a jumprope, but if you did, you could conceivably just do all three terrible things at once, effectively murdering yourself and your two dumb buddies you convinced to play jumprope with the Blades of Chaos all at once.

Also, these actually exist! WTF? Destroy them!

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