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Panels You Can’t Afford To Miss At This Year’s Comic-Con: Thursday

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The Expendables 2: Real American Heroes – How can you deny a room full of bad-asses?  The answer – you really don’t.  The follow-up to 2010’s action hit features the return of Sylvester Stallone, who will be taking part in the all-star panel that includes Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Jean Claude Van Damme and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  If you like action movies, this is a must-attend.  4:45-5:45, Hall H


The Most Dangerous Women At Comic-Con – Maybe guys just aren’t your thing.  How about the ladies?  Expect a full assortment of ladies telling it like it is in nerddom, with panelists including Katrina “Action Chick” Hill, Adrianne Curry (from The Tester), Abbie Heppe (from G4 and currently with Respawn Entertainment), Jenna Busch and Bonnie Burton, among others.  Who dares deny the ladies?  No one.  5:00-6:00, Room 7AB


Archer: Screening and Q & A – Ok, so maybe guys and girls aren’t your thing, but laughs coming from your favorite ineffective secret agent.  Archer is returning for a fourth season, and creator Adam Reed, alongside voice talent including H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, Amber Nash and Judy Greer will be lining up to answer fan questions and show off favorite clips.  “Holy shit-snacks!”  5:00-6:00, Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront


Rifftrax Live – If you’re familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000, then you already know the crew from Rifftrax, who take your favorite movies and obscure shorts and comment with razor-sharp wit and hilarity.  These guys will be doing a live show to a number of shorts, while also talking about their upcoming live special for Manos: The Hands of Fate.  This is gonna be quite the party.  6:00-7:00, Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront


Live PodCRASH with That Chris Gore – Drinking, madness and live broadcasting with Chris Gore.  Did I mention I might crash this thing?  Nuff said.  7:00-8:00, Room 5AB


Mega 64: Year One Panel – The lunatics behind Mega 64, consisting of Rocco Botte, Derrick Acosta and Shawn Chatfield, bring their antics to Comic-Con for the first time.  Expect plenty of surprise reveals, video game jokes and madness galore.  And yes, a fan Q & A.  Be sure to buckle your boots for this one.  (Fans will get that joke.)  8:00-9:00, Room 23ABC

Be sure to check back to see what’s going on Friday and Saturday!

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