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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough

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The Line...

Chapter 9: The Road
Chapter 10: Riggs
Chapter 10 (Part 2):  Stealing Water
Chapter 11: Alone
The Rooftops

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Chapter 13: Adams
Chapter 14: The Bridge
Chapter 15: Welcome

Chapter 9: The Road

Objective: Obey
Before you move ahead, go backwards and you can see the American Flag on the wall to the right which is a piece of INTEL -
Go back and rappel down and you will come to two guys hanging around. The Colonel asks you to make a choice but you can also just shoot the snipers as an act of insubordination. Shoot one and run ahead towards the broke truck for cover and kill the rest of them.
Objective: Defend your position
Move ahead and you see a couple of guys on top of a walkover. Kill them and run ahead and take cover. There are two RPG's ahead - one is straigh ahead far away and the other is on the train to the left. Kill them first and you can take the Sniper Rifle which is here for a better chance. Keep killing them and soon the sandstorm will hit your location.
Objective: Find shelter
Keep going in the storm and note that you can stay in the storm as long as you want to so take your time killing the enemies - take cover and pick them out one by one. Keep going ahead and you will see where the shelter is, just keep going and you will get in.

Chapter 10: Riggs

Keep moving ahead and in a short while you will come into a room with some INTEL on the table which coems to your right -
Just keep going ahead and you will enter war zone again...
Objective: Save Riggs
You will be on a balcony of sorts on top of stairs. There are enemies all over the place below and you have some guns to the right here if you need them. There is no where you need to go, just stay in one area and keep shooting. The Famas nearby helps...after the enemies are all cleared go down and head to the far left to meet up with Riggs.
Objective: Follow Riggs to the depot
Keep going after him and listen to what he has to say. After a while you will come to a place where he is standing to the right ahead and there's a second piece of INTEL to the right on a cofee table to the right -
You can also find some grenades and stuff if you look around nearby. You will soon be in battle again so brace yourself and keep shooting. This next are has a lot of rooms and turns but it's pretty straight forward and for a long time now, you will be in cover and keep killing enemies who come infront of you. After a long long fight you will reach the Aquatic Colosseum.
But the door leading there is closed and some more bad guys are going to drop in (Lugo tells you of some Enemy Radio Chatter). You will now face a new squad of soldiers who have more armor than the normal enemies but less than Heavies. Your best bet is to shoot their heads till their helmets break. After another long bout of killing, go back to the door which did not open earlier and kick it down. You will now come into a parking lot.
Take cover behing the cars and kill the enemies ahead. Note that this area sees a ton of grenade action so take cover in such a palce that you can move around to avoid any grenades which fell close-by. Take our time here - you will need a lot of it. In the end though one guy sits up on a 50cal on top of a truck. If you are far from him then you may not be able to shoot him so what you need to do is pick the next piece of cover just ahead and run there when he is busy shooting your team. Get in as close as possible and you will see him move around his turret and you can get a clear shot. After you kill him go to your team who are near where Riggs shows up.
Objective: Secure the Trucks
Move ahead and you will see yourself in the colosseum. Silet kill the guy ahead and keep killing as many guys as you can before you are discovered (you can do that only if you have a weapon with a silencer attchment). Now, you will have hell here. Stay on this place and take out the guys who come to your right and who are on the top of the walk way ahead in the distance above you. Keep killing and when you have the chance, move to the right and keep going to the next area. Take cover and keep shooting here too. You will need to keep going thru tons of enemies and keep going to the lower levels of the complex to reach the area where the two trucks are. As soon as you reach the trucks you will find enemies. Run to the nearest truck and take covre. Kill the closest enemy and stay here, more may come in really close. Then you will also see a guy on a 50 cal ahead and you can really toss a grenade directly onto him if you aim carefully.

Chapter 10 (Part 2):  Stealing Water

Objective: Protect the trucks
Yup, this is going to be a nice level, you are given a grenade launcher with infinite ammo - but you will need to keep reloading it. So, all you need to do is aim and shoot at all the enemies who appear ahead of you and if you are not fast enough, there is a high probability of getting yourself killed. After a shortwhile the Truck halts at one location. To the right is a 50cal turret and many more enemies. You will need to take out the turret first. This turret will again be occupied after a little while so be raedy again - just shoot a bit to the side or top of the turret to get the enemy. There are others ofcourse to the left and a level above the turret and more to the right of where you are. After the trucks start to move again, you will be in a deeper mess so just hold on and let the ride go on.
You will come to a certain point when Humvees and Copters come to your side so just blast your launcher like a crazy guy when you see them.

Chapter 11: Alone

Objective: Locate your squad
Just move ahead and soon you will find Ruggs impaled under a large truck. He wants you to kill him which you can do or just leave him to burn. Move ahead and you will come into the desert and one of your squad tells you that they are being surrounded. Now, you should see a dead soldier nearby -
There's a Magnum pistol with him. Take him and move ahead, keep moving and soon you will see your team and the enemies. 
Objective: Save Lugo
You need to first kill the guy who is holding Lugo. Make sure you are aiming for his head because you will have only one shot at it. Then kill the guy just ahead of you and the rest of them. Jump across and you can pick up a rifle here and use it on the enemies. You will be stuck here for a very long time killing people. Some of them come to your left too, kill them and some sand falls in from the left ahead which make a path for you and you can jump over and move ahead. You find a zipline here so take it and move to the next area. Your team will keep telling you that enemies are inbound and all that. Some of the enemies are pretty far from you and it would help if you had a scoped rifle (which you should have picked up by now) but otherwise - take your time to aim at their heads and blow them. Some enemies come in just near you, kill them and move ahead into the next room.
This place is like totally screwed - I though my laptop was damaged when I went into this room - the lights keep flashing on and off and there's a heavy who comes from ahead and sometimes when you shoot him, he disapears and you seemed to have shot a Mannequin in his place - it's like an episode from the Twilight Zone. Aim at his torso and kill him and take his Machine Gun. You will also find an ammp crate to the righ ahead. Keep going and once you come out, you will be near a zipline again which you can use to get to the next area.
Objective: Distract the Soldiers
This is another long battle sequence in the game. Start by killing the guys to the right and the Colonel shouts in the radio which makes the enemy aware of your location. Two of them come from above, kill them and get on top, clear the area ahead and kill the guy on the turret to the right. Run there and immediately grab the turret.
Objective: Protect your squad
Your team tells you where the enemies are coming from so you will have to pay attention to what they are saying. The enemies come in from all directions. Your team is in the bottom floor and they have to make their way up all the way to the top amidst heavy resistance. You will have guys coming from the right below the stairs, then left and you will need to shoot the door above on the upper floor because it is blocked so shoot it and soon there will be two heavies coming in from the left and all this while you may have one or two guys on the top trying to kill you including a guy who comes on the zipline above you to kill you. So you need to pay close attention since there are a lot of enemies. When you guys reach the upper floor, the roof gets filled with enemies who are on higher ground than you and if you do not kill the really quickly, they will end you. If you manage to keep your friends alive then they use the zipline above you to get near you.

The Rooftops

Objective: Get to the radio tower
Move to the edge, jump down and go to the right. Follow your team and keep jumping down a few more times till you get to them. Then put on your suppressor (if you have a gun that has one) and start by shooting the sniper who is to the left of where your team is.
Then clear the area inside. First clear the immediate area ahead and keep an eye out for shotgunners. Move to the right and head into the next area and keep killing. Move ahead slowly and only when it's safe to do so. In the last room a lot of the enemies keep dropping from the roof. After they stop coming, go all the way outside to where your team tells you that you need to take out the snipers ahead over on the building across you. There are four guys and you will get to know their location only if they shoot at you.
Kill them and move to the zipline and use it. After you get down the zipline, you have another hallucination, just execute the guy below you who looks like one of your team.
Go to the right of the staircase ahead to pick up an INTEL -
Objective: Clear the roof
Go up the stairs and drop down the other side. Keep going and you come to another Zipline by again, you need to clear out the opposite roof. Pick a spot to take cover and pick up one of the Scout Tacticals and shoot the enemies on the roof. There's a turret to the right here, kill the guy using it first whenever someone is on it or you can also order your team to kill him if you hold the middle mouse button on him and release it. Priority targets are always shown in full red color. Kill them first and then the rest. Use the ZipLine and move across to the other side.
Objective: Locate the radioman
Go up all the way and in the room upstairs to the left is a washroom. Get inside it to pick up the INTEL -
Use the stairs here to get up to the radioman.
Objective: Get to the Helo
Go back down and take cover to the right side since the Zulu squad comes from ahead. Kill them and move ahead. Keep going down some steps and you will soon come to a door and head an odd sound (that's of a bomb) go back up the steps and take cover because the door will be blown and shooters are on the other side.
Kill the guys outside and head outside. There are more on the area above you ahead. Kill them and use the steps to go up. At this point, your team tells you where the hostiles are so listen to them and kill the enemies. Lugo also tells you when the roof is clear and he asks you to make a run for the Helo. Run ahead and get into it.
Objective: Cover Lugo's escape
Now, you need to be careful here only because it's going to be difficult to spot enemies. First, they keep coming from the left below you and then from the left above on the roof. Keep killing and after the are is clear, they come from behind Lugo. There are two explosive tanks on the area below so use them to your advantage.
Objective: Bring it down
Okay then, time to go bonkers on the 33rd. All you go to do is spot and shoot - and watch the destruction take place. When Walker asks to cirle the pool, a few guys come in here, there's also a heavy near the sound ewuipment behind the pool - kill these guys to proceed forward and just keep killing. The enemies on the tower behind the glass can also be a little difficult to spot but just keep using the minigun on the entire tower.
The next part is the same sequence as the very beginning of the game. But this time a couple of missiles are also targeted towards you so you will need to take down the missiles in addition to all the copters. Keep shooting and see what happens...

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