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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough

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The Line...

Chapter 5: The Edge
Chapter 6: The Pit
Chapter 7: The Battle
Chapter 8: The Gate

Page 3
Chapter 9: The Road
Chapter 10: Riggs
Chapter 10 (Part 2):  Stealing Water
Chapter 11: Alone
The Rooftops

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Chapter 13: Adams
Chapter 14: The Bridge
Chapter 15: Welcome

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Chapter 5: The Edge


Move ahead and jump thru the hole, keep going straight and you will get to the edge of the building.
Objective: Find a Way Down
Move to the right side of this place and you will see a Zip Line which you can use to go down. Move right down the stairs after you land and keep going down but kill the two guys ahead first. When you are down you will listen to a superior talking to his sub-ordinate. Wait till they finish speaking and start killing them.
Clear the area ahead and move out, you come on top of some stairs. Take cover here and start killing everyone below. It'll take a long time. Move down and continue your work, walk to the left and you will come to a room to the left. Go in to find the first INTEL - 
Move out ahead and Rappel down down using the rope.
Objective: Take out the Snipers
Move left all the way and take the sniper from the dead guy to the right. Take cover in the end and shoot out the enemies who are on the building far ahead.
Objective: Keep Moving
Move to the gap here and jump down and start sprinting ahead and head into cover. You need to sprint because a copter drops more enemies to the left and you will be hanging dry in the open if you do not run. The next area again has a large number of enemies so brace yourself and do not waste ammo. If you are out of ammo, look back and move behind the cover and you will find more ammo. If you are out of that too then move ahead and go into the room to the left and you will find a machine gun. Take it up and you will more armor and stuff. After you clear the area, move ahead all the way and drop down into the next area.
You will come to stairs, if you go down you will find ammo and if you go up you will move to the next place outside. In a short while some more drama ensues and you see yourself wanting for cover. 
Take cover and clear the area ahead, enemies come in from the top also so you can kill then before they even come down, you will find a zip line in the end. Use it and go down. In this place you will find some stairs to the left on top of which is the INTEL -
Go back down and move thru the door, just keep going thru door and you will see yourself in a while new place next.

Chapter 6: The Pit

Objective: Stay alive until Delta can reach you
As soon as you fall, run to the right and take the shotgun here and greandes. Go back to where you fell and take cover here. Now, the thing that happens here is that enemies come close - really close, really fast so you need to watch your left and right frequently or you will die - make no mistake. Apart from that, it's the standard clearing procedure. You should also let one or two get close so that you can kill them and take their weapons because you will run out of ammo. Keep killing and Delta squad comes in a few. After that, you will need to move ahead and more enemies come in from the front so be very careful. Keep going and one of your team tells you that you are being ambushed and at the same time, some guy shows up on the turret ahead and he will be the death of you if you do not take care of him soon. He occassionally keeps aiming from left to right so when he is aiming the other way, just shoot his legs which will be exposed. Keep kiliing and they will end.
Objective: Hold back the 33rd
Move ahead and after you find that the path ahead os blocked, run backwards and grab the turret. Start shooting anyone and everyone who comes - some come close from the right below and some others come carrying Snipers and RPGs. After the door behind you is blow up, run there and fall down the hole.
Objective: Keep following the signal
Move thru the large piles of bodies and to the right, you will come the bodies of some of the 33rd and a table beisde them having INTEL -
Move ahead and climb the non-functional escalator and you will be put into another big fight.
Objective: Fight your way out
Take cover behind the box near the railing and kill the enemies ahead, there are more who come from the right side of this area so be careful when you are moving because they sneak up good. You are going to starve for ammo in this place now so shoot and make sure you connect or you will not have bullets to go about with. Keep killing and moving ahead. Eventually you will reach a turret - again, keep taking weapons from dead enemies to get ammo if you are out on this weapon. Kill the turret guy and keep going and you will find more in the museum.
Objective: Run!
Do what it says...just keep going...

Chapter 7: The Battle

Objective: Find a way out
Move ahead and to the right, go down the staircase and you come into a large atrium with two large blue Girrafe statues in the middle. There's another staircase to the left and if you go up there, you find some grenades and a fully loaded AK-47, in the center of the Atrium is a dead guy holding a 417 rifle which has a great scope for distance shots. Go back down and your team might have shot down the glass ahead, makign a way tru for you. Go out and you will witness a copter going down. Move right from here and in the end you can go down using the rapple rope. Move ahead once you are down and brace for battle. Enemies just keep coming at you, stay at one place and watch out for the grenades, move ahead only if you do not hear any rounds being fired and if noone is coming at you. Keep killing and going. You will reach the sign that says "City Gate Ahead". To the right here is a broke stop sign which is an INTEL -
Keep going ahead and thru the bright place where enemies are being napalmed. In the end, two enemies along with a Heavy come at you. To kill a heavy, you need to precisely throw two frags or stickys. Or shoot them in the torso area and not the head. Their helmet is nearly impenetrable. After you kill them, keep going ahead and you will come to the entrance of a build with "CHRISTIENNE" writte to the left of the entrance. Below that text is the next INTEL -
There's also a Scout Sniper Rifle which can be useful in the next area but if you think you have better guns then by all means - keep them.
Objective: Find Gould
First thing is whether you want to save Ghould or save the Civies. If you want to save Ghould then kill the three soldiers here and go down. Immediately run to the right and a bit ahead, you will find a rocket launcher, take it. Go back to the place where you dropped and take cover to the rigth here. Now, start killing a few guys and a minute later another Heavy comes in. If you have that RPG then use it on him. If not, frag him or sticky him. Or you can just use the most powerful weapon you have (HMG) to shoot him - order of preference. Keep killing and you may not find everyone because they may be hiding and some even come from the top ahead of you. If the game is not progressing then it means that there are stragglers left. Go look for them and kill them. Then after everyone is killed, go to Ghould and see what happens. 
Objective: Get to the Gate
The gate is marked on you HUD just ahead so move there and keep going.

Chapter 8: The Gate

Objective: Get to the Gate
Head straight and keep going up all the stairs and you will come out into Dubai and the gate is straight ahead. After the little kill sequence, you will have a choice on how you want to engage the troops below. The difficult way is to engage them with your weapons directly and kill them - this process involves the danger of you running out of ammo and also, being killed by one of the many dozens who constantly shoot at you - but the real problem is actually the enemies who come up on top of the roofs of the buildings to the left and right ahead who have snipers and stuff like that. That is very difficult. The second way to do this is to use the mortar to the right here. Just shoot at all the areas marked red and move around to see if there are more vehicles or enemies and keep firing.
Either way, you will go down and see the destruction, the grapple you can use to go down is just to the left here. You will come up on another camp straight ahead. Keep killing and watch your ammo - if you run out of ammo then you will need to move front to some dead guys and take their stuff. 
Objective: Storm the Gate
Move in all the way and keep killing. Take cover on top of the stairs and kill as many as you can. You will most likely run out of ammo here - so you will need to go down and take their ammo or guns. After you clear the area, you can find some grenades to the left side and if you move thru to the next area, you will find more destruction.

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