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The 100 Best Movies of the 2000s: 90-81

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82. Serenity (Joss Whedon, 2005)


Admittedly, in order to fully appreciate Serenity, it helps to be a fan of Firefly Joss Whedon’s short-lived space-western, axed by Fox before its time.  Effectively serving as the series finale that the show never got, Serenity does a great job of wrapping up the plots from the series, while also providing a fun, high-stakes adventure for the crew against an awesome new villain.

Also, Lucas had endless money and churned out shit like Episode I, while Whedon was able to film a quality sci-fi epic in Los Angeles for only thirty million dollars.  If that doesn’t give hope, I don’t know what will.

81. Forgetting Sarah Marshall  (Nicholas Stoller, 2008)

Sarah Marshall

I have a friend who hates this movie, because he saw it immediately after a massive breakup.  He will never watch it again, but if pressed, he’ll admit that it’s totally hilarious.  That should tell you how good a job this film does of balancing its out-there humor and its heart.  It’s a movie that has a lot of things to say about relationships and says them through Russell Brand singing a song called ‘Inside of You.’

Stoller and Brand’s follow-up/Spin-off Get Him to the Greek is also great, but it doesn’t have the breezy wit of Sarah Marshall.  Part of this is Segal’s central performance, which strikes just the right balance of buffoonery and honest sincerity.  He’s also naked a few times, which everyone knows is hilarious.

Check in tomorrow for numbers 80-71!

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