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The 100 Best Movies of the 2000s: 100-91

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92. True Grit (Coen Brothers, 2010)

true grit

If you watched The Good, the Bad, the Weird, and thought ‘this movie needs more old white dudes,’ then here’s the film for you!  The Coen brothers craft a great, old-timey western featuring Jeff Bridges as a grizzled old cowboy named Rooster Cogburn, which is definitely one of the greatest names I’ve ever heard.  

The movie doesn’t quite nail the ending, but the journey to get there is tons of fun.  Great shootouts, badass old cowboys, a precocious teenage girl, and Matt Damon as a character whose name is Leboeuf (pronounced La Beef), there’s pretty much something here for everybody.

91. Minority Report (Stephen Spielberg 2002)

minority report

Remember when everyone used to love Tom Cruise?  I do, and I can’t think of any better evidence for why we all did than Minority Report.  Featuring Steven Spielberg in full Sci-Fi mode, Minority Report has car chases, psychic bald ladies, and Tom Cruise chasing a pair of rolling eyeballs down a hallway.

Predicated on an awesome premise (What if the police stopped crimes before they happened, courtesy of the aforementioned psychic bald ladies), Minority Report is science fiction as it should be.  

That's it for today!  Keep an eye out for numbers 90-81, coming soon.

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