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6 ways video games can help you make the most out of your life

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You have to work hard to have nice stuff.

like this

In many games, but especially in MMOs, the disparity between the equipment you have when you start versus the Invincible Spears of Doom (or whatever) that you see other players walking around with can seem overwhelming.  There’s an Invincible Spear of Doom in the shop, but it costs One Kajillion Gold, and do you know how long that’s gonna take me to get?  I just want it now.

Yeah, well I just want a ferrari.  And a pet monkey.  And a mansion in the shape of my last initial.  But it’s gonna be a while before I get any of these things, because they cost money, and money doesn’t grow on... well, you know the rest.  Back before things like rent or electric bills were even a consideration for me, games taught me that if I wanted to own cool stuff, then it was going to take time and effort.

Unless you’re already rich.  Then you just buy it.  But where’s the fun in that?

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