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6 ways video games can help you make the most out of your life

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No boss is unbeatable.

Just some dragon thing

This may sound preachy and obnoxious, but in life, the temptation is often there to just give up.  To stop worrying about work or school, and just go get stoned and play Modern Warfare until your eyes bleed.  While we’re told our whole childhoods that we can do ANYTHING, what we aren’t told is that most of the time, ANYTHING is hard.  

I’m as guilty of this as anybody, especially when it comes to games.  Growing up, if a boss took me more than 10 tries, it wasn’t uncommon for me to fling the controller and declare how stupid the boss was, and I don’t know how anyone could like this game, because it’s so clearly stupid.  But then, sure enough, a week or two later I would pick up the controller and try again.  And still get the crap kicked out of me.  And then I would try again, and eventually, through immense trial and error, I would strike the killing blow, and the boss would fall.

It was the greatest feeling in the world.  And it’s something that happens in life, too, whether it’s finding a job after a year of unemployment, getting a date with that girl after asking three times, or successfully installing a stove after six straight months of microwave dinners.  These little victories are everywhere.

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