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Amazing Spider-Man Video Walkthrough | Chapter 01: Oscorp Tower Guide


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

The Amazing Spider-Man Swings into action, with this awesome new videogame from Beemox. Thankfully, GameZone has this full video walkthrough, showing you how to beat every level and boss, find every hidden magazine, photograph, comic book page, data device... well, there's a lot of crap to collect actually. Check it out!

Chapter 01: Orcorp is Your Friend | Oscorp Tower

In this installment, Pete must get through Oscorp tower, fighting deadly robots and rescuing Gwen Stacy. We'll show you how to get it done without a scratch!
Topics covered:
  • Where to find all audio evidence
  • How to get Gwen Stacy's bio
  • How to escape Oscorp tower
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