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10 things survival horror games should remember

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6. Harsh Death Qualities

This point goes directly with #7.  If you are being reckless, you should pay for it.  If there isn’t any sort of death penalty, I feel you lose an element of survival and the fear of death.  Horror should be a main theme of the game; if death means nothing then what are you so afraid of?  If you are trying your hardest to cling onto life because you don’t want to have to replay a section of the game or not lose an item you may have… you suddenly have a lot more motivation to try harder.  This also immerses you into the game world more — after all, death should be scary.

5. No Cooperative Play

I can see people disagreeing with me on this point, but I stand by it.  Survival horror games should NOT have cooperative aspects.  It should be all about your personal experience in whatever nightmare you are in.   Besides trolls trying to ruin your experience, if there are two or more of you, then you will miss scares in the game.  The other player could trigger an event, see a flash of something both were supposed to see, complete puzzles before you even catch up, etc.  Most importantly, if there are two or more of you, you aren’t alone.  I know that’s a real ‘duh’ sort of statement, but there is so much more comfort in knowing there is someone friendly in the nightmare with you.  Comfort should be a rare commodity. 

Resident Evil 5 coop play

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