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6 Things to do at Comic-Con

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Bring shit to do in line

Apart from walking the convention floor and seeing all that there is to see, the other big draw of Comic-Con is the panels.  Sometimes they’ve got awesome sneak-peak stuff like advance trailers, or behind the scenes factoids, and sometimes they’re a chance to ask some of your favorite creators questions about their work.  Regardless, they are awesome, and the only problem with them is the lines.

line of people waiting in line

The line for Hall H, the biggest Hall of all, is by itself several thousand people long at any given moment.  If you want to get in to see that awesome Iron Man 3 panel, then you had better be prepared to wait in line for a while, just for the chance of getting in.  This means bring something to do.  It could be cards, a 3DS, a book, whatever, but you and your friends will be grateful to have it.

Alternately, you can talk.  The lines often turn out to be a blessing in disguise, because it is in lines that you will meet a lot of the awesome people at Comic-Con, whether it’s the father-son duo from Minnesota, or a cute redhead dressed as Jean Grey. 

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