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The top five biggest letdowns of E3 2012

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1. Nintendo, Period

This was supposed to be the year that Nintendo dominated E3.  This was supposed to be the year that they came out guns blazing, showing off the high definition power of its system, as well as its capable features, its reworked Nintendo Network set-up, and its killer line-up of games.  This was supposed to be the year Shigeru Miyamoto came out with sword in hand and proclaimed the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 dead.

So what happened?  One of the lamest press conferences we’ve ever sat through, talking about the Wii Fit U and some lame game called Nintendoland.  No announcement of a new Metroid or Zelda.  No extended footage of New Super Mario Bros U in action.  No Shigeru with sword.  And worst of all, no price point and no release date – which is a cardinal sin, as E3 is usually the place to reveal both, especially with the competition stacking up so heavily against you.

Not only that, but Nintendo’s booth didn’t really provide any major surprises for the system.  Sure, Pikmin 3 is pretty good, and the third party games have some promise to them, but as a whole, it just felt like the company fell way behind when it should’ve been pushing ahead.  We can only hope it gets better from here for them…because it can’t get any worse.

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