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Top 10 ways to make Pokemon on the Wii U work

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Use the tablet to find hidden items and Pokemon

Discover elusive Pokemon hiding in tall grass! In HD!

Personally, I don't know how something like this could work without it getting stupidly boring, but that's why I'm not a game developer. I'm just a guy who writes about video games and oftentimes suggests ideas that are pretty bad. That said, I'm certain developer Game Freak could do something cool with the Wii U controller where players can scan certain areas (like tall grass) for Pokemon and items. Maybe the developers can even throw in some mini-games that actually have an impact on the game rather than just being throwaway distractions.

Just make Pokemon Snap 2

Nintendo, if you don't want to bring a true Pokemon RPG to the Wii U, then at least give us Pokemon Snap 2. That tablet controller could totally be used as a camera, and it would be pretty rad scanning the TV while looking for elusive Pokemon and attempting to photograph them at just the right time. It's time for Pokemon Snap 2, and the Wii U could provide us with the proper gameplay tools to have an exciting time taking pictures of hundreds of Pokemon.

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