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Top 10 ways to make Pokemon on the Wii U work

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Deliver a fully realized, compelling story

These are bad people (and a cat thing) that need to be destroyed.

One of the reason games like Pokemon Stadium and the aforementioned Battle Revolution failed was because they didn't offer much to gamers outside of the battling. Pokemon on the Wii U needs to be more than just an extension of the traditional turn-based battle system in order to provide fans with a rewarding experience. Nintendo, give us a story — present us with a narrative to play through. Pokemon games are fun because they have players hunting down legendary beasts while trumping evildoers and facing rivals. It seems like a no-brainer, but Nintendo has yet to provide fans with a traditional Pokemon RPG experience on consoles. Now's the perfect time for that.

Offer a game with beautiful HD graphics

This is Pokemon in HD.

As charming as the pixelated look of the handheld Pokemon games may be, that graphical style simply wouldn't make sense on the Wii U. Console Pokemon games have been praised for their visuals, which manage to bring the iconic monsters to life. With the Wii U being an HD console, it's the perfect platform to make the Pokemon look larger than life and incredibly fierce (or in some cases just plain adorable). Lush grassy environments, earthy mountainous regions, and serene oceanic coasts — imagine how these locales would look in a wondrous HD Pokemon game. The Wii U could make Pokemon come to life in more ways than one.

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