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Top 10 ways to make Pokemon on the Wii U work

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Let players transfer Pokemon between the Wii U and handhelds

Countless Pokemon fans have accrued hundreds of critters over the years. Whether they're scouring every last inch of their game worlds or trading with buddies, many Pokemon fans are truly dedicated to the game and have a crazy collection of creatures to do battle with. If a Pokemon game comes to the Wii U, it should allow players to transfer their Pokemon to and from handhelds like the DS and 3DS. After all, these folks have been working their asses off to collect and power up those Pokemon. It would be a shame if they couldn't use them on a big screen.

Allow players to battle their friends locally

People should be able to fight their friends locally, because bragging feels so much better in person.

Games like Pokemon Battle Revolution generally failed to deliver a robust RPG experience, but they did provide gamers with the opportunity to duke it out with their friends locally. Pokemon on the Wii U needs to push the multiplayer experience by letting gamers go over to their friends' houses to battle. Currently, it seems as though only one Wii U controller will work with the console at any given time, but let's hope Nintendo changes that. At the very least, there should be some connectivity between the 3DS and Wii U that would allow Pokemon trainers to take on their pals while in the same room.

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