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Top 10 most anticipated games from E3 2012

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7) Rainbow 6: Patriots

Rainbow 6: Patriots headline

Since its reveal late last year, we’ve heard little to nothing pertaining to Tom Clancy’s upcoming shooter. In all fairness, the Clancy franchise has been up to impressive feats through another one of their series’, Ghost Recon. Nevertheless, Rainbow 6: Patriots’ quietness has us anticipating a major blowout of details at this year’s E3. Please, Ubisoft, we want to hear about our upcoming battles against the terrorists of the world!

6) Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 headline

Unlike our number seven title, we’ve been presented with a great number of details pertaining to Gearbox’s upcoming RPG-shooter, Borderlands 2. New enemies, a revamped inventory system, and a collector’s edition that will make your heart melt are just a few of what we know thus far, but that’s enough for any Borderlands fan to start salivating at the mouth. E3 is sure to bring about even more details on one of Gearbox’s biggest endeavors yet, which brings us to shout one thing: send us to Pandora! 

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