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Top 5 games that may never see the light of day

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4. Final Fantasy XIV (PS3)

Who could ever forget the infamous announcement of Final Fantasy XIV at E3 2009. I didn't. When Jack Tretton proudly announced to the world that Final Fantasy XIII would come out on 2009, and in the following year fans would be able to get their hand on XIV for the PC and eventually the PS3, everyone was shocked. However, it was all downhill from there. As people feasted upon the glorious CG trailer for Final Fantasy XIV, their dreams were absolutely shattered as the word 'Online' faded into the the logo. As the already dropped jaws dropped even further from the increased shock, fans were disappointed.

Indeed, Final Fantasy XIV came out the following year, but rather than being a critical success, it was a catastrophe. The gameplay was abyssmal and gamers found it to actually be worse than XI, which was a hit. Square-Enix, realizing XIV's failure immediately, stopped its online subscription and proceeded to make it free-to-play. The months after XIV's launch was grueling as key figures on the project left or were fired. Not only this, but the amount of money necessary to get the game playable while keeping fans interested was extremely high.

Of course, the problem was only on the PC version. Square-Enix put the PS3 version on hiatus after the problems with the PC, and their reasons are justified. Next year we'll see Patch 2.0, which is set to make all the wrongs of the game right. After the PC version is all fixed up, we might see the PS3 version. Just maybe. Until then, fans would have to wait for an indefinite amount of time for the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV to hit. Here's hoping that the project isn't cancelled.  

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