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Top 5 games that may never see the light of day

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5. Prey 2

Originally announced on March 2011 with an amazing CG trailer, Prey 2 showed a game that appeared to be a far cry from its predecessor. Gamers who watched the information that followed were absolutely psyched by its bounty hunter premise and amazing alien hunting goodness. However, we haven't seen much of Prey 2 since then, and Bethesda has recently announced that the game is undergoing change and won't meet the 2012 release date as planned.

According to Bethesda, the game hasn't progressed satisfactorily and doesn't meet their quality standards. Prior to this statement from Bethesda though, rumors were flying around that the game was cancelled. Only weeks after did Bethesda say they didn't cancel it but delayed it indefinitely. Who knows what the current situation is with Prey 2. Perhaps this is Bethesda's way of letting Prey 2 die slowly, or maybe they really do intend on releasing it after the game has been severely worked on. Regardless of the reason, the game's delay makes me wonder if it will ever come out.  

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